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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home

A month after I visited Mesa Verde National Park - Colorado, my siblings and I made a family trip home. Before I get into another series of posts about Oregon, I thought I'd share these photos of the gigantic catfish that my father and his friend caught a few weeks before we arrived. My dad wanted to email the photos to my oldest uncle, but he didn't know how to download the pictures from his digital camera (he just uses it as a portable photo album), so somehow they ended up on my laptop.

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 1

Of course, that photo doesn't really show the immense size of these catfish, so here's another picture with my dad and his friend holding up the fish. My dad is on the right. His friend, on the left, is also holding up a normal-sized catfish for comparison.

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 2


Look at its mouth!

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 3

A closer look with the regular-sized catfish in the middle.

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 4

Crazy, yeah?

Anyway, so the night we came into town, my mom made banh xeo (Vietnamese sizzling crepes).

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 5

My oldest aunt also brought over some cha ca (Vietnamese fish cakes) that she made per my mom's recipe.

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 6

And my mom made mam so (Vietnamese clam sauce) with some razor clams that she and my dad dug on the Oregon coast. Besides the usual ingredients, she also added coconut juice, the sweetness providing a nice foil for the razor clams. Mmm. I loved this and liberally dipped my banh xeo into the sauce.

1 Giant Catfish and Family Trips Home 7

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  1. your mom's banh xeo looks so good! and holy cow, those are huuuge catfish! i'm sure they made for a good lunch/dinner!

  2. CC,
    The giant mouths on the catfish are scary, aren't they? They were great baked in the oven.


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