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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Who Would Want to See a Movie About My "Foodie Life"?

Oh my.

Who would want to see a movie about my "foodie life"? But apparently there were enough of you who did that I was nominated for a Foodbuzz Blog Award. Yay?!

If you'd like to do so, please go HERE to vote for me, and while you're at it, check out all the other great blogs that were nominated. You don't have to be a blogger to vote, you just need an email address. Voting ends on October 29.

In other news, Christine of Kits Chow nominated my blog for Zlamushka Spicy Kitchen's Tried & Tasted food event, in which other bloggers and non-bloggers cook recipes from a featured blog.

This month's featured blog is yours truly. Trupti's Food Corner is hosting the roundup so please check her blog if you plan to cook or would like to cook something from Wandering Chopsticks.

Thanks to Ksenia of Tales of A Spoon for the great logo. Deadline to be included in the Wandering Chopsticks Tried & Tasted event is October 31.

Goi Ga Bap Cai (Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad) 1

And lastly, my "Goi Ga Bap Cai (Vietnamese Chicken Cabbage Salad)" was featured in "Best of the Web" on Saveur.com on September 9, 2009, which means Wandering Chopsticks gets listed as a "Site We Love."

Oh geez, I better stop or I'll get a swelled head. According to LA Weekly, there were 3,500 nominations for the Foodbuzz awards? Whoa! And 'fess up! Who was crazy enough to want to see a chubby girl eating? What would a movie about my "foodie life" entail?

I need a virtual broom so I can sweep and pretty up my blog for all these guests! ;) Thank you so very much for nominating me, for cooking my recipes, and simply for reading!

And the day just got even better! My cousin, Phong of MidnightMare (who also designed my awesome banner), was named as one of three Fashion Angel Awards' "emerging designers" for Fashion Week LA! Whoohoo! You can see him in this clip on CBS2/KCAL9 or on ABC7, and in the LA Times' fashion blog "All the Rage." I got a sneak peek at the new line and it's pretty fabulous!

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  1. Congratulations on you nomination!

    And just to let you know I already voted for you :)

    ps, I got nominated for best visual :) yay!

  2. Just finished voting for you! Congratulations on your nomination! BTW, I nominated you for that category :).

  3. I voted! When you get your movie, please give me a bit part!

  4. Hey WC - You got my vote!!! When is the movie coming out???

  5. Congratulations on all the awards, Chopsticks! I would love to see a movie about your foodie life. I am going over to vote now.

  6. That is so cool!! I would see it!

  7. Congrats!My vote's for you.And I'm also excited to try some of your recipes :D

  8. Congrats on the nomination! And good luck! If you win, do I get to be in the movie? We'll do a thrift store scene :-)

  9. Congratulations! You got my vote. What would you recommend sneaking into the theater to eat while watching the film?

  10. hi wc - that's cool you're nominated! congrats!

    i voted for you!!!! :) hope you win!!!!

    i also voted for marvin of burnt lumpia for most humorous blog!

  11. Hi WC, congrats on both of those! Best of Web, you certainly deserve it!

  12. Marija,
    Congratulations to you too! Of course I voted for you!

    Thanks! And you're crazy?! Who wants to see me eat?

    Weezer Monkey,
    If I ever get a movie, you can be girl eating #2. Since I'll be girl eating #1. :)


    Ha! It won't be a very interesting movie then!

    Thanks. I don't think that's a movie studio heads would ever want to see.

    Thanks! But I'd rather see a tour of your gardens. :)

    You can just eat my life instead.

    Thanks! And yay! Looking forward to seeing you try some of my recipes.

    You can be girl eating #3 since #2 and #1 are already taken up. :)

    Thanks! Well, not quite who you'd like to have dinner with, but this'll work? I once snuck in dried shredded squid to "You've Got Mail." It stank but my friend and I were pretty happy. :)

    Canine Cologne,
    Thanks! I voted for Marvin too! Phew! Luckily we weren't both nominated for the same category.

    Aww, thanks!

  13. hey WC,

    Do you think Drew Berrymore is available to play you. I think she would do a great job! LOL

  14. Pepsi Monster,
    Drew Barrymore? You think I look like her? That's a first for me. Ha!

  15. Congratulations! WC. I am not surprised that you won. You certainly had my vote as well as many others!
    Toan (rarefruit)

  16. Co Toan,
    Thanks! I didn't win, but it was nice to be recognized!


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