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Friday, October 23, 2009

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 1

Since the previous year's birthday dinner at Lu Din Gee Cafe (Duck House) - San Gabriel was just OK, I decided that I didn't want to try anything new this year. No "authentic" Peking duck; I like Cantonese roast duck with steamed buns just fine. And I especially like Lunasia Chinese Cuisine's version, especially because they give me lettuce cups. I already like Lunasia Chinese Cuisine's dim sum so really, no more dragging my family to try new places. Homey Chinese favorites in an elegant setting was what I wanted this year.

Family-style dining isn't as fun without a large family to order more dishes so cousin Q, his older brother, his older brother's wife, and 1-month-old Pablo (not that he'd be doing any eating :P) joined my brother, his wife, and me.

Oh man, look at those chubby cheeks.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 2

Lunasia serves good, authentic Chinese food in an elegant setting. The little touches make a big difference. From folded cloth napkins to...

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 3

...a fresh towel to wipe your hands before dinner.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 4

We ordered the Peking duck, $30.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 5

It was carved tableside so we knew it was fresh.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 6

Crispy duck skin. I liked that he left just a little bit of meat onto each piece of crispy skin.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 7

The steamed buns, scallion slivers, and sauce were brought out fresh as well.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 8

Peking duck accoutrements to make our own buns.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 9

Add some crispy duck skin and meat into a steamed bun, some scallion slivers, drizzle some sauce, yummy Peking duck bun.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 10

Hot and Sour Soup, $10.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 11

Scallops and asparagus stir-fried with black pepper sauce, $13.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 12

Spare ribs with sour palm sauce, $12. I wonder if they meant sour plum sauce? Like my Suon Kho Xi Muoi (Vietnamese Braised Pork Chops with Preserved Plums), I can't recall the exact flavors to say. It was yummy though.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 13

Pan-fried string beans, $10.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 14

My sister-in-law ordered this noodle dish with bok choy and mushrooms so I didn't notice it on the menu. It was OK, but not what I would have ordered if we were going for a noodle dish. I would have gone with the beef chow fun instead which is really good here.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 15

After the waiter had carved the outside of the duck, he took the rest back into the kitchen. The meat was chopped up and brought out again for our lettuce cups.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 16

I know, it's crazy how ridiculously excited I get over Peking duck that then also becomes lettuce cups. I love getting two dishes out of one! :)

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 17

Plus, look how how they stir-fried the duck meat with water chestnuts and pine nuts. Totally upscale lettuce cups.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 18

Complimentary Chinese bean pudding for dessert.

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine - Alhambra 19

You know, sometimes in trying new places, I forget the tried and true. I'm glad I decided to go with one of my favorite restaurants this year so that everyone left dinner happy and full.

Other restaurants to get roast duck:
Lu Din Gee Cafe (Duck House) - San Gabriel
Ocean Star Seafood Restaurant - Monterey Park

Lunasia Chinese Cuisine
500 W. Main St.
Alhambra, CA 91801
Monday through Friday 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I'd be willing to try Lunasia again based on your review. I went there for dim sum last year and thought it was awful, everything too greasy.

  2. Scrapper Al,
    Oh no! I'm so sad it wasn't good when you went. :( I haven't gone there for dim sum in a while, but it's almost always been good for me.


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