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Monday, October 30, 2006

Sour Cream Apple Pie

Sour Cream Apple Pie 1

I had a couple of red delicious apples that had gotten a bit mushy. Bought some gala apples on sale. So I got inspired to try this recipe from Alicia of Posie Gets Cozy. My version looks enough like hers that I think I did it right.

Unfortunately, instead of the one hour to 1 1/4 hours it was supposed to bake for, it was closer to two hours. My sister said the pie smelled delicious and was golden brown. I thought she turned off the oven. She hadn't. Still, it wasn't dried out or anything. The sugary top looks burnt but just tastes crunchy. The inside isn't the cinnamony carmelized consistency I generally think of and like about apple pie. It's good for a change of pace from traditional apple pie though.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

My Fuchsia Cosmos are on Their Last Legs

My fuchsia cosmos are on their last legs. These flowers all self-seeded. I planted one packet of sensations mix cosmos in my front yard last year. Then when they started drying out, I simply pulled them out, tossed the stems behind the terrace wall (it's not filled in so there's a big empty space). And this is the result.

Here's a close-up. Doesn't it look so cheerful?

I never knew chrysanthemums were autumn flowers until now.
Strawberry guava tree looking all ripe with fruit.
Sundial purchased for roughly $10 at Target. Insects on clearance for 34 cents at Target. Plant holder free from people cleaning out a very messy house. I think all the elements work to make a pretty nice sundial. Now if only my nasturtiums will grow enough to wrap around the planter.
The Iceberg rose is usually a pure white. I love this slight bit of blush.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup)

I bought a cast iron Lodge Logic Dutch Oven from Amazon for $19.98. So eager to try out its heat retention capabilities, I decided to make pho ga (Vietnamese chicken noodle soup).

Pho Ga (Vietnamese Chicken Noodle Soup) 1

I normally make Pho Bo (Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup) but didn't want to make the trek to the Asian grocery store to buy beef marrow bones. (A small aside about Vietnamese pronunciation. The ? accent over the O in pho makes it sound like a question. So to pronounce it properly, say pho? as if you were asking a question. Remember pho? is your friend, not foe so don't pronounce it that way. :P )

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit! Can you believe I grew this in my garden?! I love the colors.
Dragonfruit 1
It's a type of cactus fruit. The taste is similar to kiwi, but much lighter.
Dragonfruit 2
Other garden updates.