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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Dragon Fruit

Dragon fruit! Can you believe I grew this in my garden?! I love the colors.
Dragonfruit 1
It's a type of cactus fruit. The taste is similar to kiwi, but much lighter.
Dragonfruit 2
Other garden updates.


  1. The first time I had dragon fruit was when I spent a summer in Viet Nam, it's so freakin delicious. It automatically became my favorite. Is it difficult to grow?

  2. Hi anon,
    It depends on the cutting? My uncle nursed a pretty large thanh long plant for several years but it never bore any fruit so he eventually dug it up and threw it away. This was from a small cutting only a few feet tall and I got 3 or 4 fruits that year. One tip I learned was to bury shrimp shells underneath. But I've since buried shrimp shells underneath all my plants and it seems to work!

  3. Very cool! I've seen dragonfruit occasionally at the local Asian markets here in town but didn't know what it would be like or how to eat them. I like Kiwi though. Do you just scoop out the white flesh after you cut it in half? Are the seeds chewable (like in kiwi or bananas etc)?


  4. Ms. Dr Pepper,
    You can scoop the insides with a spoon, but I like to quarter it lengthwise, then dice it. The seeds are like kiwi seeds, tiny but edible.


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