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Friday, June 09, 2006


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  1. Great Photos, I also very much enjoy food. Wonderful photos!

  2. Milpitas Girl,
    Thanks! I'm glad you're enjoying the photos.

  3. I love, love, love your blog. I'm half Vietnamese/half American. Your blog helps me connect just a little more with a culture I'm only kind of part of...

  4. Ever try any places in El Monte? My mom used to own a viet sandwich shop out there.. :) Next door was a GREAT Malaysian place. I wish I could remember the name...darn!! It's been over ten years and now I'm in the east coast.

  5. Miriam,
    Aww, thanks! Only kind of a part of? Don't feel distanced. We don't have one definitive experience of what it means to be Vietnamese.

    Yup, if you look under my restaurant archives, you can sort by city or alphabet. There's more and more VNese restaurants in El Monte of late. Are you talking about Little Malaysia? I went once and thought it was just OK. I prefer Yazmin in Alhambra for Malaysian food. Haven't gotten around to blogging any of my Malaysian food visits yet. Soon!

  6. This website is amazing! Thank you so much for all of your recipes. I'm learning how to cook Vietnamese food and your detailed instructions make it so easy to have fun with food. I've been so intimidated to start cooking Vietnamese, but now I love experimenting and learning because of your blog!

    I've made Eggrolls, Stuffed Tomatoes, and Bo Luc Lac using your recipes and they all turned out great!

    Your postings are greatly appreciated!

  7. Amy,
    That's wonderful to hear. I'm glad you've started experimenting. Cooking IS fun. It shouldn't be intimidating. Do let me know if you try cooking any other recipes.

  8. It's been a while, but just wanted to hi and that I appreciate you giving Vietnamese food justice. Random, I know but yeah... hi.

  9. Hi Vinh!
    Long time indeed! And yes, very random, but much appreciated sentiments nonetheless. Thanks! :)

  10. Love your blog. I can't believe the many recipes you've got and so informative! I esp love the pictures. I will definitely try some dishes from this site. BTW, this is vu's friend Linh Tran. :)

  11. Hi, I would like to know if you have the recipe for BUN SUONG?

  12. Linh,
    Hilarious! Why didn't you just comment on my Facebook instead? :P

    I've never heard of bun suong? You mean suon? Is it like bun bung?

  13. Hello. Great job with the blog. I was wondering if you have ever tried making steamed cupcakes. I would love to read a blog entry about it. Thanks!

  14. Empress Lotus,
    You mean banh bo hap? I've been meaning to try making it, but haven't had time to yet.

  15. I admire you writing and photography, and knowledge of Vietnamese food. Frankly I put this blog in my Favourites as a handy address whenever I need a recipe or some relaxing reading. Keep posting and I believe you have more and more to offer us hungry readers.

  16. Anh,
    Thanks! Hehe. That rather amuses me that you relax by reading the blog.

  17. I'm looking for a recipe of Xoi Ga. I never have it. But since it uses glutinous rice and chicken, it has made me curious. If you have one, will it be ok with you to share it with me through my email indonesianinwinnipeg AT gmail DOT com

    Thank you!

  18. Pepy,
    I don't have a recipe, but there's different variations. I've eaten the kind where the sticky rice is loose, and others where it's fried into crispy sticks. The chicken can vary too from shredded to marinated whole pieces.

  19. Oo ok. Thank you. Btw, I'm going to send you an email about a specific question that I can't discuss through this blog.

  20. Hello. Interesting blog, I enjoyed reading and follow up on your recipe. Keep up with the good work. However, I've been searching for potato balls recipe like Portos bakery. Do you have the recipe to share, I would be grateful for that. Many thanks!

  21. Just posting again to say thank you for the lovely recipes, photos and philosophy. Chuc mung nam moi! Ellen from Maryland

  22. Q said...
    Wandering Chopsticks,
    I stumbled onto your post last night while searching for a recipe for Bun Rieu. This is fantastic. I spent way too much time today reading and just made the salt and pepper shrimp - why? not because it was $2.99 per pound as when you originally posted it. :P Because it was the only protein left in my freezer.
    I read quickly about your friend Don and his mom's Pho Bo. I am also a boat person and arrived in 1985. I have learned so much from that one post of yours that I felt compelled to write this message. Thank you. I have become quite "americanized" but do appreciate a reminder every so often. I look forward to spending many more hours exploring your site alone. Thank you for your efforts!!

  23. Pepy,
    Got it.

    Thai Binh,
    I've never tried. I think you could just make mashed potatoes, add filling, then roll it in bread crumbs and fry?

    Thank you for reading!

    Thanks! Spend as much time on the blog as you wish. :P Thanks for saying such nice things about my blog!

  24. Thanks so much for your blog. I really enjoy all your pictures and stories. You make me hungry every time I read it. I can't wait to try your recipes out. Thanks!

  25. Lipgloss Chicas,
    Oh wow. I have the coolest readers. Thanks for reading!

  26. Great blog!!! There is so much detail in your posts and I love the pictures. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Woah... I have stop by a lot cooking websites didn't look like this one. I admire your talent + knowledge. Your unique writing and photos ...... Speechless its amazing. Thanks for share your recipes , I did try cook " bun bo hue " its taste alot better then sit in one of my local Vietnamese restaurant. I love to cook now.

  28. Chikky Meow,
    Thanks! Glad you like it.

    At first I thought you said you didn't like the looks of this one, but then I reread it and realized you said other websites didn't look like this one. So thanks! :P And thanks for saying so many nice things about it. :)

  29. Thank you so much for your step-by-step explanation on how to cut sugar cane! My daughter and I saw a vendor selling it at our local Farmer's Market here in The San Francisco Bay Area and I thought it would be a great "show and tell" item for her to take to school.
    What a success it was! Her teacher (like me) is a food purist and believes in using the most pure forms of food.
    The kids, (3rd grade) LOVED it! We gave them their own cubes right before recess and they were able to run and play their sugar highs off!\
    Your blog was the only comprehensive guide that was well-written and fun to read!
    Good job and thanks so much!

  30. Trisha,
    So great to hear my directions were useful and that the class enjoyed it. How fun!

  31. I really like some of these ideas! They look really tasty and I can't wait to try them!

  32. Psychotic Sam,
    Can't wait to hear your feedback if you do.

  33. Very nice! I was eating at a local Vietnamese restaurant in Greensboro, NC called Binh Minh and thought I'd try my hand at my own braised chicken and ginger recipe and the search led me here. Love the blog and thanks for the recipes!

  34. You are an amazing cook. I love your blog and your delicious food. I go to Vegan World in Studio City CA, and they make this soy fish.. OMG sensational. I am not a Vegan but the food there is delicious and the fish is the best. Not greasy and a great treat. PLEASE can you tell me how to make this fish or a good vegetatarian sub. Again your food is wonderful... Thank you

  35. Kevin,
    A Vietnamese restaurant in North Carolina? Cool.

    I've never been to Vegan World so you'd have to describe what the fish dish is like. I do have a recipe for Vietnamese claypot fish, which you can make with soy fish. Not sure if that's what you ate.

  36. I found your blog while searching for recipes for nam meo. Great Blog! I've got you bookmarked now so that I can peruse your work at my leisure. Keep up the good blog!

  37. Nancy,
    Thanks! I hope you stay and look around.

  38. I found your blog a while ago. I must have found it in an attempt to show my (white) girlfriend how to make certain dishes that I like. She likes to cook herself, and pretty willing to try new things.
    So far, thanks to you, my gf can cook Canh Chua, Tau Hu Sot Ca Chua, and Banh Flan.
    She has made Banh Flan before, following different recipes, and she has made a particular comment about yours being the most efficient and tastiest.
    Our 2 year anniversary is coming up, and I am sure she's browsing your blog for some idea.

    Thank you for your effort, expertise and taking the time to share this.

  39. I made your Ga Nuong Xa recipe and grilled it based on the grilling method I learned from Cooks Illustrated. I can honestly say (and my wife will back me up on this) - BEST grilled chicken we have ever had. Ever.

    I did find a recipe for Vietnamese Madras Curry Powder which I will be trying with your curry dishes. Happy to share if you wish.

    Very very glad I found your site!

  40. Hi WC!

    I just discovered your website and am now a huge fan! Just made your Tuong Ot Xa so I could make Bun Rieu since I had run out of the cans of Rieu I usually use. It's awesome and awesomely spicy!

    I was wondering if you take requests? There's a sauce that I really want to replicate but have very little idea where to start...it's from a restaurant close to where I live in the Dallas/Richardson TX area. If I sent you a picture, would you know what it is? It's got a unique flavor and I have never had it before but it's so yummy! I think it's got egg in it...it's got a kind of orange color and it's a bit greasy but wow! It's got a savory flavor with a hint of sweet, it's thick and you use it to dip Nem Nuong Cuon or Chao Tom Cuon. If it's spicy, I can't tell because my taste-buds only register delicious.

  41. Unknown,
    While my policy is to delete all comments from "anonymous" or "unknown," I'm just vain enough to keep yours. :P Thanks so much. I love hearing from couples, especially that your non-Vietnamese girlfriend is learning to cook Vietnamese food. And of course, hearing that my recipe is the most efficient and tastiest. :)

    Love hearing that! Email me the Madras curry powder recipe please? I know I can play with the ingredients list, but sometimes it's nice to work from a recipe.

    I know it might sound unbelievable, but I really can't replicate a recipe from a restaurant that I've never been to, even if you send me a picture. But from your description, it sounds like the restaurant is trying to replicate Brodard in Little Saigon's nem nuong sauce. And yes, there is egg in it.

  42. where can I buy 3 sisters jasmine rice in Seattle area?

  43. Carl,
    Try Googling "Asian grocery store" and "Seattle." :)


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