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Friday, June 09, 2006

2007 Gardening Index

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Gardening Index

Gardening posts are sorted by quick summaries of what flower, fruit, or vegetable pictures are in each post. I've also included pictures of other gardens such as what's growing in my uncles' gardens or visited gardens. The garden pictures that were not grown in my backyard are identified with an * at the end.

My Front Garden in the Gloaming
Frost-damaged Bougainvillea, Cannas, Iceberg Roses, Strawberries
Pumpkin Curry 1Sugar Pumpkins
Roses and a Re-purposed Vinegar Bottle

Crocus, Primroses, Cyclamen, Violas, Nasturtiums, Leeks
Money Tree

Bo Bia (Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Chinese Sausage, Dried Shrimp, Eggs, and Jicama) and Hoisin Dipping Sauce with Chili and Crushed Peanuts 2Basil
Nectarine Blossoms, Freesia, Primroses, Delphiniums, Narcissus, Fuchsia, Johnny Jump-Ups, Cup Flowers, Donna Darlin' Roses, Pinks/Sweet William, Petunias, Cyclamen, Pansies, Lady Fairbanks Roses and an Arch
Lady Fairbanks Roses and the Arch, Strawberries, Spearmint, Applemint, Sorrel, Rau Ram (Vietnamese Coriander), Kinh Gioi (Vietnamese Balm), French Lavender, Rosemary, Curry, Gypsy Roses, Bac Ha (Taro Stem), Nectarine Blossoms
J. Paul Getty Center and Museum (Winter) - Los Angeles - California*

Sundial, Lady Fairbanks Roses and the Arch, Side Herb Garden, Sweet Pea, Strawberries, Queen Anne's Lace, Cannas, Bac Ha (Taro Stem), Blue Tide Iris, Dutch Iris, Oriental Poppies, Love-in-a-Mist
Double Delight, Angelface, Donna Darlin', Paul Ecke Jr., Chicago Peace, Peace, Ramblin' Red Climber, Grenada, Scentimental, Mister Lincoln, Paradise? or Heirloom?, Iceberg, Autumn Sunset Climbing, and Ambassador Roses

5.11 May Flowers 20Double Delight, Lady Fairbanks, and Duet Roses, Hollyhocks, Cupflowers, Chrysanthemums, Leeks, Strawberries, Sweet Peas, Cereus
Ramblin' Red Climber Roses, Peonies, Hollyhocks, Gypsy, Donna Darlin', Autumn Sunset Climbing, and Double Delight Roses, Evening Primroses, Strawberries
Geraniums in Flower Pots
Ga Nuong Xa (Vietnamese Grilled Chicken with Lemongrass) 2Lemongrass*

Sugarcane 1Sugarcane*

Desert Rose, Crocosmia, Bog Garden, Strawberries, Sorrel, Hollyhocks, Bougainvillea, Lemongrass, Longans

Jungle Red Hibiscus, Galangal, Sugarloaf Pineapple
Desert Rose, Jungle Red Hibiscus
J. Paul Getty Center and Museum (Summer) - Los Angeles - California*

9.8 Dragon Fruit 1Dragon Fruit*

Thanh Long (Dragonfruit) 2Dragon Fruit Flowers*

Loofah 2Muop (Loofah)*
Persimmon 2Persimmons*
Jungle Red Hibiscus 1Jungle Red Hibiscus Flowers

Christmas Colors Year-RoundGeraniums

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