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Friday, June 09, 2006

Weekend Wokking Host Duties

Weekend Wokking ***** Rules for Weekend Wokking Weekend Wokking Round-Up Who's Hosting Weekend Wokking? Weekend Wokking Host Duties We Wok! *****
This page is in case you're hosting Weekend Wokking and are unclear how to go about it, or in case you're interested and don't know what it entails. If you'd like to host, email me at wanderingchopsticks (at) gmail (dot) com. As Weekend Wokking host, people should be emailing you links to their entries. If you'd like to double-check, you can find stray entries by looking at the links at the bottom of the post for Rules for Weekend Wokking or by following your blog reactions on http://technorati.com/. If you don't know what Technorati is, just type in your blog URL into the searchbar and you'll find your blog ranking and all the blogs that link to you. Check and make sure the entry has linked to you and to Rules for Weekend Wokking. Just send a gentle reminder if they didn't. It's up to your discretion whether you'd like to accept late submissions for the round-up. Post by any time the first Wednesday of the month at your convenience. Late in the evening is fine. Everyone has stuff going on so there's no hard deadline. Format is up to you since you're the host. Personally, I do everything in alphabetical order since it's easier for people to find things. You can go alphabetically by recipe name or by blog name. Or do it by the order the recipe came in. Please include a summary or highlight of each recipe, a photo, and a mention of where in the world the entry is coming from. See Weekend Wokking Round-Up for how past entries were done if you need some guidelines. At the end of your round up post, since you're the host, you get to pick and announce next month's "secret ingredient." Also, please announce next month's host and link to them. And if you wish, link also to Who's Hosting Weekend Wokking?, in case anyone else would like to host, and Rules for Weekend Wokking if anyone else would like to participate. Thanks for hosting! And let me know if you have any questions.

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