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Friday, June 09, 2006

Claro's Italian Market - Upland

Stopped off at Claro's Italian Market today to buy fresh pizza dough. Only $3. The dough was so light and springy. Baked up soooo nicely.

Couldn't resist the pastries.

But I had originally stopped in to buy a sandwich. I chose pastrami, roast beef, pepper turkey and havarti cheese. Sandwich was OK. Rather bland. Not sure if I would be back except for the pizza dough.

Claro's Italian Market (Various Locations)
1655 North Mountain Ave.
Upland, CA 91786


  1. Fresh pizza dough! Gives me more of a reason to finally go to my local Claro's. Thanks for the reminder!

    I'll probably get a sandwich as well, no matter how mediocre it is. I just love sandwiches.

  2. This post is from 2006?!

    Lol, I remember seeing the "one year ago" note at the bottom of your birthday post the other day, but I totally forgot when I opened the Claro's post from my bookmarks.

  3. Christine,

    The pizza dough was awesome! And lil' sis really liked the sandwich, but then she likes all sandwiches. :P I'm not much of a sandwich person myself.

    And who cares if the post is from 2006, it now has comments! I love it when my earlier posts get filled with comments so I don't look like such a loser. Haha!

  4. Here's another comment on this old post - I love the Claro's on Huntington in Arcadia. I spend way too much $$ every time I'm there, thankfully it's only about 4 times a year.

  5. Vicki,
    Haha. Yay, another comment on my old post. I haven't been to the Arcadia location, but I have blogged about the San Gabriel store.


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