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Friday, October 02, 2009

Four Corners Monument - Shiprock - New Mexico

19 Four Corners Monument - Shiprock - New Mexico 1

On our way back to California, we passed by the Four Corners Monument again. Since we were unable to go the first night because we got there way after closing, there was no way I was gonna miss it again. The Four Corners Monument is literally where the corners of four states meet -- Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona.

Unfortunately, we were crunched for time, trying to get from Mancos, Colorado to Flagstaff, Arizona by 1 p.m. so Gourmet Pigs' friend could make his flight. That's 282.7 miles. By the time we pulled into the Four Corners Monument, we literally just raced in to snap photos and left.

While Gourmet Pigs was in the bathroom, her friend had my camera poised to take pictures. There was a crowd of Italian tourists standing around the marker, but no way was I going to be photographed standing in front of a group of people when I could literally be in four places at once!

 "Excuse me."

 "Excuse me."

 "Excuse me."

As I elbowed them out of the way. I know! Rude Americans! :P

And then I plopped down dead center, with my arms on Utah and Colorado while my legs straddled Arizona and New Mexico.

Right over this spot.

19 Four Corners Monument - Shiprock - New Mexico 2

At first, the tourists were like WTF? And then a lightbulb went off and they realized what I was doing.

I was in four places at once!

So after I got up, they started copying me too. :P

And of course, Gourmet Pigs had to do the same.

Snap. Snap.

And we were on our way.

Good-bye New Mexico!

19 Four Corners Monument - Shiprock - New Mexico 3

There actually isn't anything around the area. Just a marker in the middle of nowhere. There were some stalls selling Navajo fry bread and trinkets. The entrance is on the New Mexico side, but since we were literally at the Four Corners, after we drove out, we were in Arizona.

19 Four Corners Monument - Shiprock - New Mexico 4

We drove through Teec Nos Pos, Arizona, which belongs to the Navajo Nation.

20 Teec Nos Pos - Arizona 1

Dry, barren land.

20 Teec Nos Pos - Arizona 2

20 Teec Nos Pos - Arizona 3

20 Teec Nos Pos - Arizona 4

20 Teec Nos Pos - Arizona 5

We stopped for gas in Tuba City, and Gourmet Pigs' friend dropped us off at a Sonic to get drinks and for a bathroom stop. And this totally weirded me out!

What do you see?

No one!

20 Tuba City - Arizona - Sonic

There was a guy ordering on the speakerphone when we came in. And I just could not get my head around a fast food restaurant in which the worker is literally there on the other side of the wall, but instead of seeing them face to face, you had to talk through a phone. And even if we sat at the tables, we'd still have to pick up the phone to place our order.




So we went to the bathroom, and then waited for her friend to pick us up because we there were no people around!

We didn't get any slushies, he asked? And then proceeded to tell us which drinks were his favorites.

Maybe it was the desolation of the desert. Compounded by the desolation inside Sonic. Added to that our tiredness and the long drive, but the whole experience was so surreal.

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Four Corners Monument
Navajo Parks and Recreation
New Mexico Highway 597
Shiprock, NM 87420
7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Admission: $3, Ages 6 and under free.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time! I can definitely picture the tourists' faces watching you lay down on the ground. :)

  2. Diana,
    I'll spare everyone the photo of me sprawled out across the four corners. :P


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