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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Persian Dill Rice

Persian Dill Rice 1

I had so much fun spending time with my friends and going around San Francisco during my Jamba Juice trip, that I decided I really needed a little vacation just to see everyone again and to do more things. So a few weeks later, lil' sis and went up for her birthday.

As a snack for the car, I hastily made kebabs with beef cubes marinated with Indonesian kecap manis. Lil' sis loved the simple marinade so much that despite telling the middle '87 we were bringing her some food, lil' sis ate it all. :P

The dill rice was actually an old recipe at the end of my Fessenjan (Persian Walnut Pomegranate Cornish Game Hen) post that I wanted to publish on its own page and because the picture needed to be updated. This recipe is better understood in the context of the fessenjan recipe, so read the post for the story behind that.

This recipe isn't terribly authentic since I cheated by using jasmine rice and a rice cooker. If you want the traditional method of cooking basmati rice, then follow the directions in my Zafarani Polow (Persian Saffron Rice) recipe and substitute dill for the saffron. But, if you just like how dill adds a freshness to plain rice, then this cheater's version will work just fine.

Persian Dill Rice 2

Persian Dill Rice

2 cups jasmine rice or basmati rice, soaked for an hour
About 1/2 cup dill, big stalks removed, minced finely

I used jasmine rice. If you want to use basmati rice, soak the rice in water for an hour before cooking it. You can follow the traditional directions for cooking basmati rice in my recipe for Zafarani Polow (Persian Saffron Rice).

Otherwise, cook the jasmine rice as usual in a rice cooker. When water has evaporated and the rice is near done, add the chopped dill. Toss and mix thoroughly. Allow the rice to finish cooking.

Plate and serve with Fessenjan (Persian Walnut-Pomegranate Glaze with Roast Duck) if you wish, although this rice works better with beef or lamb dishes.


And a look at the old photo of my dill rice that necessitated updating. Boring, huh?

Persian Dill Rice 3

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