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Friday, July 31, 2009

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food Fair) - Duarte Inn - Duarte

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 1

My foray into Indonesian cuisine started gradually with the basic satay skewers and fried rice at Alhambra's Summer Jubilee before I dined at the Indo Kitchen - Alhambra later that year. I had read about Pondok Kaki Lima, an Indonesian street food fair, on Monster Munching and had bookmarked it to try, but it was shut down before I could get to it. Then the food fair reopened in January 2009. So when Gourmet Pigs asked if I wanted to go with her, I leapt at the chance.

According to Gourmet Pigs, pondok kaki lima translates as five feet hut, but it's slang for what Indonesians call their street vendors. Every Saturday on the grounds of the Duarte Inn, whose owner is Indonesian, a handful of vendors hawk various dishes.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 2

We got pork satay skewers with lontong (Indonesian sliced rice balls) with peanut sauce.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 3

The skewers were juicy and delicious. Unfortunately, the lontong were still a bit icy. :( I made concessions for the lontong, realizing that the vendors have to transport food in coolers, and that it was a rainy, chilly day in early February. Nonetheless, for the same price and non-icy lontong, I can get this dish at Indo Kitchen.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 4

We also got a plate of turmeric rice with Beef Rendang, tendons, and vegetables in coconut milk curry.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 5

Another view of the sides.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 6

And one last view.

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte 7

The second plate was much more to my liking.

Perhaps it was the cold weather, or the smallness of the food fair, but Pondok Kaki Lima didn't seem like the type of place where people lingered. There's one tent with tables and chairs at the far end of the food stalls to sit and eat your meal, but you could easily just get it to-go. I liked that there were a variety of Indonesian dishes to pick and choose from, and for less than $10, and that it provided a small peek into the Indonesian community in Southern California.

Read Monster Munching for an earlier account of the food fair and Gourmet Pigs for a little more detail about the dishes we ate.

Other Indonesian places:
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Raso Minang - West Covina
Salju Dessert - Alhambra
Tip Top Mart - San Gabriel

Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food Fair)
Duarte Inn Parking Lot
1200 Huntington Dr.
Duarte, CA 91010
Saturdays from 10 a.m to 2 p.m.

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  1. OMG All I can say i'm drooling over! The last 3 plates look like a combination of nasi padang (Padangese rice) with nasi kuning (yellow fragrants rice) twist instead of using white rice.

  2. Pepy,
    That second plate was so yummy. I do eat with my eyes too!


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