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Friday, July 03, 2009

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 1

A few days after I got back from Portland, I received an email from Hillary of Neighbor Agency, who handles PR for Jamba Juice offering me a sneak peak at big news that they were announcing back in June. It would require traveling to San Francisco, but they would cover my travel expenses if I accepted such things.

A tour of Jamba Juice's lab, support center, and taste some new items? And my flight paid for? Umm, yes, please. :)

But was this for real? So I Googled "Neighbor Agency" and they seemed legit. Well, unless they wanted to go through setting up a website and getting other websites to link to them, all in an attempt to trick me. Anyway, my schedule was changing a bit at work at that time so I had a few free days but could only do it they flew me up that evening (because cousin Q's older brother could pick me up from the airport, but he was leaving town for work the next day) or if they flew me up the next day, I'd have to get a rental car.

Crazily enough, they opted to fly me up that evening. So I quickly asked my brother for a ride, made sure my cousin could come get me from the airport, and emailed my college friends to meet up. After work, I hurriedly threw a few clothes into a bag and off I went.

Of course, by now, you already know that they launched a whole bunch of food items to their menu, but hey, I never claimed to be a breaking news blog. Hopefully, it's the behind-the-scenes look at Jamba Juice headquarters that will really interest you anyway.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 2

The funny thing is that in the least few years, I hadn't really done much traveling. I used to go up to the Bay Area fairly often when my brother and cousins lived there. But now most of them have moved back down to SoCal. Before this, I hadn't gone up since our family snowboarding trip in January 2007. I hadn't seen my college friends up there since one of them got married in October 2006. And now that friend was on maternity leave.

So I was really, really excited to go! Plus, this opportunity gave me two nights and one whole day in town before their event. This is by far the coolest thing that's ever happened to me as a result of the blog. How could I not relish the experience?

I told my college friends to coordinate with each other, and I was just along for the ride.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 3

So my friend picked me up the next morning, with her baby in tow, to drive into the city to meet up with our other friend for lunch. Which, of course, will be its own entry, but the background story of why I was up there seemed to need a post of its own.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 4

And I just liked my Bay Bridge pictures. Not that you haven't seen bridges before.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 5

But gosh, am I glad that I don't have to commute across this bridge anymore.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 6

When I first moved to the Bay after college, I stayed with one of those friends at her place in the peninsula while commuting to the far East Bay. Two hours. Each way. Across this bridge and back.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 7

I often stopped off at cousin Q's older brother's dorm as the halfway point to nap or take him out to dinner.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 8

I did that for three weeks until I found my own place. Then my commute was still an hour, but at least not nearly so hellacious.

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 9

My boss was though. :(

San Francisco - Oakland Bay Bridge 10

And I was so happy to get the next job in SoCal. On my first day at that job, someone went around handing out roses because it was "good neighbor" day. How could things not have gone up from there?

I liked Northern California enough, but that crappy job, hellish commute, and expensive everything never made it feel like home to me.

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Thanks again to Neighbor Agency, which handles PR for Jamba Juice, for sponsoring my trip to San Francisco. They paid for my plane fare, and pick up and drop off from Jamba Juice headquarters. All other excursions were mine and paid for by me.

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  1. cool gig WC! i wonder if you got to try out their tomato basil twist pastry? that's tc's favorite food item when we go to jamba juice. the only reason we've gone is because a friend gave her a gift card, other than that we normally don't go there.

  2. CC,
    Every once in a while, I get a cool opportunity! I haven't eaten the tomato basil twist. I go to Jamba Juice for the drinks.


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