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Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown)

After lunch at La Boulange Cafe & Bakery, my friend dropped me off at Union Square, where I met up with the middle '87. After a bit of shopping, we wandered up to Chinatown because I wanted a few items from The Wok Shop.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 1

Actually, it's something I had been thinking about since my last trip to The Wok Shop. So yes, for three years, I wished I had bought this item. I found it while killing time before my friend's wedding reception three years ago. I know. I'm crazy. I wonder if you can guess which item?

The inside. Woks and every kind of kitchenware imaginable. Maybe I like The Wok Shop because it looks like my house? :P

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 2

My cousin told the middle '87 to buy him a wok. Gee, do you think she can find one?

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 3

Dim sum magnets!

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 4

Mooncake molds.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 5

Tartlet tins.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 6

Porcelain ginger graters in cute shapes.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 7

Teapots and teacups.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 8

Rice bowls and more teacups.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 9

Dipping saucers and tea bag rests.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 10

The words on the side say, "The best grater," but this rather scares me. How do I even use it? Which direction does it go?

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 11

The wok my cousin ended up getting.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 12

She also bought some fortune cookies while she waited for me. C'mon! It's a kitchenware store. I was there for a good long while.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 13

They don't make the fortune cookies in-house, but they were very fresh and crispy, not stale-tasting at all. Hmm. Should I believe in this fortune?

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 14

My purchases. The little spoons are for little bowls of dipping sauce. The mini back scratcher was my free gift. :P

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 15

Porcelain ginger grater shaped like a blowfish.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 16

Teapot, $6.95. Actually, the cashier started ringing it up as $9.95, but I pointed out the price tag. She had to doublecheck with the owner since it was so cheap. I later found matching teacups for 89 cents each at Wing Hop Fung - Monterey Park.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 17

Tartlet tins were only $1.something so I got some for me and some as a gift.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 18

Afterward, we wandered around Chinatown a bit more before going down to the gateway to meet up with another friend.

4 The Wok Shop - San Francisco (Chinatown) 19

So? Which item do you think I regretted not getting three years before?

Hehe. It was the cute blowfish ginger grater. At the time, I wasn't willing to pay $5.95, but it was sooo cute! And perfect for grating ginger finely for just a little bit added to a bowl of Chao (Vietnamese Rice Porridge). When I can't stop thinking about something, it's time to finally just get it.

Do you think it was worth it? Are there kitchen items you regret not purchasing at the time?

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Thanks again to Neighbor Agency, which handles PR for Jamba Juice, for sponsoring my trip to San Francisco. They paid for my plane fare, and pick up and drop off from Jamba Juice headquarters. All other excursions were mine and paid for by me.

The Wok Shop
718 Grant Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94108
415-989-3797 or 800-780-7171
10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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  1. Great finds. I do the exact same regret thing with unusual plants and with flea market items. Currently regretting not grabbing a gunnera chilensis from Country Roads in Old Town Orange and the little juice glasses that went with a vintage tulip decorated glass pitcher at Veteran's Stadium. Unfortunately the things are often gone by the time I return :(

  2. How I love this store! I think I've been there three times and found treasures every time.

  3. H,
    That's why I give into my temptations when I'm traveling. I hate thinking of something and wishing I had purchased it then!

    Isn't it awesome? I love wandering kitchen stores.


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