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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Day 16: "Fruit-shi"

Day 16 Fruit-shi
Man, sometimes I even astound myself with my cleverness. :P Can you guess which fruits I used to make the "sushi"? What about the "California roll"? "Fruit-shi" recipe to come. Eventually. Bwahaha! I'm loving this month of mostly pictures, fewer words. ;) Can you believe I've had this sitting in my queue since September? ***** 1 year ago today, my attempt to start an "Ask WC" series fizzled into a tutorial on "how to fold a chopsticks rest." Although, I am still working on a FAQs post so drop a comment here if you've got some questions you're just dying to ask me.


  1. Damn WC.. you've been a busy little cooking bee haven't you? Fruit-shi, awesome idea :) Happy St. Patty's Day! Are you going to make any Irish foods?

  2. haha that is very clever! :D i like it. how does it taste? did you use different rice than sushi rice? :D

  3. Do I see mango and watermelon in the background? I think that would be fun. My grandpa used to eat watermelon dipped in fish sauce with his rice (along with other dishes). It was actually quite refreshing during the summer.

  4. my auntie used to give me rice with mango and fish sauce and the combination is pretty good to be honest. I bet there's avocado somewhere in there.

  5. Hi...I am a huge fan of your blog & recipes,of course! Would you please consider posting the recipe for the Ca Ri Ga sometime this week? My cooking group wants to make this dish, and I'd love to try yours out :) Thanks!

  6. That's really clever, Wandering Chopsticks!I see: green apple, fuji apple, mango or peach, cereal (? for sesame seeds)...
    Really cool! I also like your idea of photos for a month- as I like to visit your website everyday for updates.

  7. arrggghhh arrrrggghhh arrrrgghhhh...brazil dejavu. i saw strawberry sushi in sao paulo...and it shocked me...hehhe how did it go with watermelons and mangoes?

  8. I'm thinking apple slices, mango, watermelon, peach.. and the maki-green apple or guava?

  9. Jaded,
    Nah, this was from way back. And I was too lazy to make anything Irish.

    I used sticky rice so it'd be more dessert-like.

    Yup. I like my watermelon with salt. But I like my mangoes and grapes with soy sauce and chili peppers. :)

    Avocado was the easiest to incorporate since it's already used in regular sushi.

    Hmm. I'll think about it. I'm trying to take it easy this month. Perhaps your cooking group can try one of my other recipes?


    No peach or cereal. I normally post everyday anyway, when I get around to it. But you're always welcome to check in.

    Watermelon was alright. Mango was easy. Just tastes like mangoes with sticky rice.

    No peach or guava. But right on all the others.


  10. I'm hoping that coconut sticky rice and not regular rice.

  11. hey cool looking sushi! first time visiting ur blog..love it! Btw, I have that same blue dish (got it from Mitsuwa here in San Diego)

  12. Tastes of Home,
    Thanks! I got my dish from Marshall's. :P

  13. I got my blue dish from Wing Hop Fung. What a cute idea for a light dessert, esp in summertime! I want to try it out. Post a recipe/how to sometime? Thanks in advance. =)

  14. Jeannie,
    Ooh, I didn't know Wing Hop Fung had nice plates. I'll post the recipe soon. Just for you. ;)


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