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Thursday, March 06, 2008

Day 6: Nachos, Texas-Style

Homesick Texan was so persuasive about dressing each individual nacho that I just had to try it for myself. While my nachos weren't quite as spare as hers, each bite was so very satisfying. It's a little more work, yes. Think of them as Tex-Mex crostinis. :P Also, I think because each bite was so tasty, I ate less nachos than I normally would because I was satisfied that much sooner.
Day 6 Nachos, Texas-Style
Nachos, Texas-Style Adapted from Homesick Texan (Please read her very persuasive post on Texas-style nachos.) You'll need: Tortilla chips Refried beans Cheddar Cheese Jalapenos Salsa Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Smear a bit of refried beans on as many tortilla chips as you'd like. Top with a few sprinkles of cheddar cheese. Then top each chip with a jalapeno. Bake for about 5 minutes or so until the cheese melts. Add a dollop of salsa on top. Enjoy! Other Mexican recipes you may like: Caesar Salad with Chicken and Croutons Carne Asada (Mexican Grilled Meat) Chicken Enchiladas with Nutella Mole Poblano Chicken Tortilla Soup Guacamole Jamaica (Mexican Hibiscus Punch) Mango Salsa Mole Coloradito Nutella Hot Chocolate with Chilies Roasted Pineapple Tomato Salsa Salsa Fresca Salsa Verde with Roasted Tomatillos Squash Blossom Quesadilla Sweet Corn Tomalito Tacos al Pastor (Mexican Shepherd-Style Tacos) ***** 1 year ago today, I fell in love with the color of my blood orange grapefruit juice. Everyone else fell in love with my Hello Kitty juicer. :)


  1. An excellent reason for dressing each chip - eating fewer!

  2. what do you mean when you say you'll need "nachos" as an ingredient? do you mean tortilla chips?

  3. Nikki,
    Yes, a good side effect. I eat way too much as it is.

    Oops! Thanks for pointing that out. I corrected it. :)


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