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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Day 4: Green (Dill) Eggs and No Ham

I had aspirations of making making green (dill) eggs and Spam, and writing a little ditty for Dr. Seuss's birthday on March 2. But I had no Spam in the pantry, no witticisms handy, and I missed the date. So just green (dill) eggs instead. Sandwiched between two slices of potato bread, this made a lovely breakfast.
Day 4 Green (Dill) Eggs and No Ham
***** 1 year ago today, my carne asada (Mexican grilled meat) recipe seems to have a long list of marinade ingredients, but it's so worth it.


  1. Hmmm! I would gladly welcome an omelette sandwich to my toast and jam!

  2. What no Spam? LOL! Do you ever notice that "foodies" nowadays, because they are "branching out" and eating Cha Lua, and stuff like that, aren't calling it sausage anymore? Suddenly, it's charcuterie.....I always remind them, Spam is also charcuterie....

  3. looks yummy! weird - reading about you and spam reminded me of my dream! i dreamt that i was cooking which i haven't been of late, and i was cooking spam! is that weird?

  4. Dill is one of my favorite herbs. A dill omelet sounds really good. Especially if it has enough dill in it to make it green.

  5. I love the look of that omelet. It's not too dry.

  6. i want the spam...but the one without looks good too. i am afraid i'll hv to drizzle indonesian kecap manis all over it...hard to break this habit developed since babyhood ^_^

  7. Nikki,
    Toast and jam is good too.

    Spam is a highly regarded charcuterie in Hawaii. ;)

    Hah! I think that means you need to cook Spam. :)

    I think next time I make this, I'll add even more dill.

    I hate dry omelets. I always leave it a little undone in the center as it'll continue to cook anyway.

    I added a few drops of fish sauce into the eggs before I cooked them. :)


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