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Friday, March 14, 2008

Day 14: Borscht Redux

Day 14 Borscht Redux

I first made this gloriously vibrant soup almost a year ago. Borscht, a beet soup with Ukrainian origins (English-speakers pronounce it with the T), made its way west to Eastern and Central Europe. Jewish immigrants brought the recipe with them to America.

I've been revisiting some of my recipes and taking new photos. It's also a good chance for me to doing a little tweaking, which I did with my recipe for borscht. I cut out a few steps and simplified the recipe even more, so do give it a try.

It's seriously good. How good? I made a 6-quart pot and ate it every day over the course of a week. And it was yummy each and every time. :)


I'm submitting this recipe to Weekend Herb Blogging, a world-wide food blogging event created by Kalyn's Kitchen celebrating herbs, vegetables, or flowers.

If you'd like to participate, see who's hosting this week. WHB is hosted this week by Kel of Green Olive Tree.

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  1. This is just vibrantly (sp?) beautiful! It looks delicious and I love the garnish!
    Your photographs looks fantastic since you made them larger! Now we can really get closer to your beautiful dishes!

  2. I adore borscht! I prefer this kind too, the "red" kind. This looks like a nice version to try!

  3. Nothing makes me happier than knowing that I have something delicious and nutritious in the refrigerator. I could eat the same thing for days.

    I look forward to eating this borscht all next week!

  4. Very pretty and vibrant! Knowing clumsy me I'd get it on myself though, hehe.

  5. WoRC,

    What other kind of borscht is there? :)

    I hope you try it!

    That's why I didn't dare eat this in my living room. Only in the kitchen where I can wipe any spills off the tile.

  6. i wanted this color exactly for one of my bedroom wall..and i cudnt find the paint. maybe i should spray beet all over. hmm but tat'd be such a waste. i'd rather try ur beet soup hehe

  7. MCR,
    Beets are cheap. I bet if you boiled them and used the water to paint your walls it'd be cheaper than buying real paint. Especially if your walls are made of that chalky brick-like substance.

  8. A thousand apologies!
    I've had it in the draft but somehow it was missed when I cut and pasted it to blogger. Now it's up to where it belongs. Thank you for this interesting recipe!


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