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Sunday, March 23, 2008

Day 23: Ba Noi's Death Anniversary

My ba noi (paternal grandmother)'s death anniversary dinner tonight. See that bowl in the upper right corner?
Day 23 Ba Noi's Dam Gio
That's my contribution. :)
Day 23 Yong Tau Foo
***** 1 year ago today, pan-seared scallops marinated with ginger and orange juice on a bed of sauteed pea shoots.


  1. Looks like a tasty offering. Sorry to hear about the copying incident in the following post. Hope you are having a nice respite.

    BTW, I've tagged you- check my latest post for rules. :)

  2. Liz,
    Ah, you're back. Yeah, the stealing content stuff happens quite often. Sometimes I shrug it off, sometimes I get annoyed.

    Anyway, I'll do the tag soon.

  3. Ooh is that coconut/coffee agar jello at the middle left side? What's the white/peach colored stuff (shrimp?) next to the eggrolls? I think we have that when my cousin caters parties but I always forget to ask what it's called.

  4. Jeannie,
    Yup. The dried shrimp is sprinkled over banh it.


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