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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Horsetail Falls - Columbia River Gorge - Oregon

Day 4.4 Horsetail Falls - Columbia River Gorge - Oregon 1

We backtracked a bit and headed back east again past Multnomah Falls, to start at Horsetail Falls, which is viewable from the Historic Columbia River Highway.

Just pull over, snap a few photos, and continue on your way west again. I know, my sense of direction was terrible. But without the map that we got from the Multnomah Falls Visitor Center, I got all confused about where to start our trip. We skipped over Elowah Falls since it would have required too much backtracking.

Why the name? From certain angles, where the waterfall seems to veer off a bit, the cliff can look like a horse's rump and with the stream of water coming out from in between the two sides of the cliff, well...

Day 4.4 Horsetail Falls - Columbia River Gorge - Oregon 2

From Horsetail Falls, it's three miles to Multnomah Falls. We passed Oneonta Falls but it was a 1.1 mile hike to the falls, so we kept driving.

Onward to Wahkeena Falls!

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