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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rose Suckers

3.31 Rose Suckers

I dug up my roses over the course of several months. Imagine my surprise when these rose suckers grew out of the former dug-up spots.

I pull off suckers on original roses to keep their blooms pure, but I actually like the wild rose-like appearance of suckers. I forgot which sucker grew from which rose, but I can't wait until these start blooming. I have a feeling none of them will look like the mother rose though.

Other garden updates.

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  1. I'm trying my hand at growing a vegetable garden. Any suggestions? I just started with patio tomatoes and so far the plant is getting pretty big. No tomatoes yet though. xP

  2. Diana,
    I have no tips. It's called selectively photographing what's actually growing for best effect. :P My tomatoes haven't any fruit yet either. I think next month maybe? Got the first tomato flower though!


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