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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Columbine and Hollyhocks

3.12 Columbine and Hollyhocks 1

For Pam of Sidewalk Shoes who wanted to see my columbine and hollyhocks.

I bought a six-pack of columbines about three years ago. This was the only one that made the move with me. It's yellow though, and I much prefer blue or red columbines. The pack only ended up growing white and yellow.

Like my gazing ball? It glows in the dark.

The hollyhocks are pale pink. The hollyhocks grew like crazy in my old house. Actually, these hollyhocks had rooted amongst the roses. I replanted them into individual containers and nestled them behind the pots of roses.

3.12 Columbine and Hollyhocks 2

3.12 Columbine and Hollyhocks 3

I read somewhere that hollyhocks are edible. Does anyone have any recipes? Saute the leaves? Saute the buds too? What about the petals?

Other garden updates.

1 year ago today, banh it (Vietnamese rice dumplings with mung beans, pork, and shrimp).
2 years ago today, it wasn't summer yet, but I could pretend it was by drinking an icy glass of Sinh To Ca Chua (Vietnamese Tomato Shake).


  1. As I understand it, columbine that are close together all end up looking the same, flower-wise, even if they began as separate colors. Enough distance between groupings and you can hold on to the original colors. I have blue and purple columbine.

  2. Tammy,
    Ah, that explains it then. I like the blue, purple, and red ones best, but all mine turned white and yellow.


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