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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Introducing MidnightMare Apparel

MidnightMare Apparel 1

I'm gazing at a clothing rack filled with faux fur, feathers, and pleather. Rows of large black scallops are waiting to be stitched onto a skirt. Stacks of clothes are scattered throughout the room.

It's only one day before MidnightMare Apparel launches at Project Ethos Presents: Culture Shock on Friday night at Club Vanguard in Hollywood. The event features eight fashion designers, three musicians, and eight artists. Sure, MidnightMare has wearable clothing made of 100% organic cotton and dyes, with unique hand-drawn graphic designs, but when you come to see a fashion show, you want to see a SHOW!

And I'm only concerned with one designer, or rather four, the sibling team of Phong, Donna, Tony, and Judy, otherwise known as MY COUSINS!!!

MidnightMare Apparel 2

MidnightMare Apparel 3

Their designs feature surreal images of fierce nocturnal creatures, strapped with weapons for battle or flirting with the vixen inside. Examples include: shirts with images of a hawk made of sharp blades, a wolf breaking free from barbed wire, and a play on the “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” with a female form inside a wolf outline.

“But the roles are reversed and the woman is using the wolf disguise as a decoy." Donna said. "Femme epitomizes female empowerment."

MidnightMare Apparel 4

Men's shirts are cut-and-sew woven button-down shirts and tees in 100% organic cotton. The shirts are specialty washed, screened, and embroidered to ensure that each shirt is an original.

MidnightMare Apparel 5

Femme, the women's line, features cut-and-sew tunics made from 100% organic cotton and washed using organic dyes. The tunic is short enough to be worn as a top and long enough to be worn as a dress.

MidnightMare Apparel 6

MidnightMare Apparel 7

“Organic apparel selection may have been limited in the past, but we want to prove it is possible to be stylish while still reducing carbon foot-printing,” said Phong.

All designs are hand-drawn original artwork. MidnightMare Apparel is all locally-sewn, and made of 100% organic cotton and dyes.

Retail prices for men’s woven shirts are $80 to $130, tees and thermals range from $30 to $80. Women’s tank tunics are $42 and elbow sleeve tunics are $45.

A limited number of items will be available for purchase after the show.

I'll be there with more than a dozen of the clan so come out and support my cousins! If you can't make it to the show, feel free to copy the images and link back to this post or the MidnightMare website or blog. Or please Stumble, Digg, or Facebook to get the message out.

Much thanks from my cousins and me.

See the videos I took of the fashion show.

More information:
MidnightMare Apparel Website
MidnightMare Apparel Blog
MidnightMare Apparel on Facebook
MidnightMare Apparel on Myspace

Project Ethos Presents:Culture Shock
Club Vanguard
6021 Hollywood Blvd.
Hollywood, CA 90028
8 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Bands begin at 8 p.m. Fashion show starts at 10 p.m.

For advance tickets, purchase via Wantickets
Pre-sale: $20, ends 5 p.m. March 27.
At the door: $25, VIP $50.

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  1. Very edgy! In a good way, of course.

    Um, that guy model is very cute :-)

  2. Wow, very nice and sharp looking on the models :). Great work!

  3. Small world! Judy is your cousin? I went to high school with her!

  4. What a talented bunch of cousins.

    The fashion show starts at 10 pm? Oh, you youngsters!

  5. u went to vanguard?! that's hilarious :P

  6. Darlene,
    Haha. I think we're at least a decade older than the model. ;)

    Let's hope others think the clothes look nice and sharp too.

    Thanks! I'm sure my cousins will like to hear it.

    Yup, small world indeed. I'm always running into someone who knows my cousins.

    I'm an old fogey. Too old to go out at that hour, unless it's for a good cause.

    I know! Left right after the show. :P


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