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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Rosebuds and Waiting...

Look Nikki Polani! I haven't killed your roses yet. :P

When I last left off, I had vigorously pruned and then potted five rose bushes that Nikki was generous enough to give me. They took a little while to settle in, but are now giving off new shoots and budding.

Portland from Glendora rosebuds waiting to bloom. How apropos! A rose named after my hometown (Good old PDX, not Glendora.) and in my favorite shade of fuchsia.

3.23 Rosebuds and Waiting... 1

Snowbird waiting too.

3.23 Rosebuds and Waiting... 2

And while the roses aren't all bushy yet, they've come a long way since their poor limbs were pruned.

3.23 Rosebuds and Waiting... 3

Other garden updates.

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  1. Hey, that's spectacular! Snowbird had never done well for me (bad location), but it sure seems to like its new home! And that Portland from Glendora -- you are going to love the fragrance. Actually, the portland class of roses is more correctly termed damask perpetual, a nicely repeating antique rose with the typical intense fragrance of damasks.

  2. Nikki,
    Snowbird has a bunch of buds right now just waiting to bloom. I'll have to tie up some stakes to train it along the wall. I'm imagining a whole mass of white blooms this summer. *Crossing my fingers.*

    I adore Portland from Glendora. The blooms. The color. The fragrance. How could you bear to part with it?


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