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Friday, March 27, 2009

MidnightMare Apparel Fashion Show at Project Ethos Presents: Culture Shock

The closest I'll ever come to a red carpet. ;)

MidnightMare Apparel at Project Ethos Presents - Culture Shock 1

I know you've been waiting eagerly, eeeeeagerly I tell ya, for an update of my cousins' MidnightMare Apparel fashion show that I teased you about previously.

All of the designers had tables featuring their wares. Some of the MidnightMare shirts for sale. Sorry, my photos were pretty bad so you should check out the MidnightMare website to see real pictures of the collection. All hand-drawn designs, 100% organic cotton and dyes, and locally made.

MidnightMare Apparel at Project Ethos Presents - Culture Shock 2

We stopped by to say howdy and then went into the main room to save spots near the front.

We waited...

and waited...

and waited...


I didn't bother with photos since I wasn't close enough and my camera was too slow to capture movement. Darn! Why can't people be like food and stay still? :P So, you can watch the whole show instead.

Whoohoo!!! Love my family. Aren't my cousins so talented? Thanks to everyone who came out in support! And please check out their website for more info.

More information:
MidnightMare Apparel Website
MidnightMare Apparel Blog
MidnightMare Apparel on Facebook
MidnightMare Apparel on Myspace

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  1. We had a great show, thanks to the support from friends and our wonderful Hong family! Thanks for coming out WC and for the amazing writeups! Love your blog by the way! <3

  2. sous chef is so gonna love this collection. hope they fit my budget hehehe

  3. Those teens (and me) who liked the Twilight books might like this line. Reminds me alot of what those vampires might wear.

  4. Donna,
    You guys were awesome! You should have stayed on the catwalk longer though!

    Ah, I didn't know this was sous chef's style. Finding out a bit more about him...

    Haha. Don't say it. My cousins don't like the Twilight analogy. :P

    I think my family's pretty cool. ;)


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