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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grape Hyacinth

3.18 Grape Hyacinth 1

You know my penchant for re-purposing glass vinegar bottles and Coke bottles to serve as vases.

This Spega la Natura yogurt jar is perfect for short-stemmed flowers.

I only have two jars though. At around $3 for two little jars, it's too expensive for me to indulge in.

3.18 Grape Hyacinth 2

Other garden updates.

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  1. ha! so that's what they are! I have one growing out from between the cracks in the pavement in my front yard!

  2. Hi there, found you through food gawker.

    I repurpose my food jars! I think it's something my mother passed down to me - we both have our "perfect" jars for storing "the perfect" amount of stock, for storing odds and ends like buttons, screws, nuts & bolts...and now that its spring, I'm going to make a terrarium out of a larger pasta sauce jar and some thyme.

  3. Oanh,
    Haha. Yeah, they're rather like weeds, but pretty!

    I use jars for buttons too. A terrarium sounds so cool.


  4. they ARE beautiful and edible... :0)

  5. Calliendra,
    I had no idea one could eat them!


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