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Thursday, May 03, 2007


Guacamole 1

While wandering the Farmers' Market - Alhambra with Henry Chan's Food Videos, he suddenly asked if I liked avocados. Henry said his aunt had an avocado farm and asked whether I'd like some.

Of course, I said, "Yes."

So later that day, he dropped off a bag of 14 avocados, half ripe for eating right away and half green for later. After sharing my bounty with my many aunts and uncles, I still had quite a number of avocados left. Since I've already shown you my Sinh To Bo (Vietnamese Avocado Shake), and since Cinco de Mayo is coming up, how 'bout some guacamole?

Guacamole 2


You'll need:
1 or 2 avocados
1 or 2 small tomatoes
1-inch sliver of red onion (You want enough onion for color and to draw the juices from the tomato, but not too much, unless you like the taste of raw onions.)
1/4 lemon or 1/2 lime, juiced
salt to taste

Chop tomato and onion. Scoop out avocado and mash everything together. Add lemon or lime juice and salt to taste.

Doesn't look very appetizing does it?
Guacamole 3

Avocados don't keep so well. If you're not going to serve it immediately, make sure to put a piece of plastic wrap over the surface so it touches the guacamole completely to prevent the air from discoloring the dip.


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  1. I haven't made guacamole in a while, even though it is a simple and easy dish to make. This guacamole looks fabulous, and you can see the great colors from it from the top 2 photos.

  2. I enjoy adding some chillis to my guacamole for a hidden jolt of heat. I warn people ahead of time when I do feed them guacamole though, since not everyone is a chilli head.

  3. I'm with Watergirl, my guac always has something spicy in it. Sometimes I get fancy and top with pomegranate seeds.

  4. Oh my God, lucky! I might have lost my mind had I been gifted 14 avocados (you are nicer than me, I would've tried to maniacally make my way through them all by myself)!

  5. i absolutely ADORE avocado and guacamole. your pic def. looks appetizing to me. sometimes, when i'm making sandwiches, i'll use the dip as a spread. it makes me happy.

  6. ETE,
    Sometimes I get lazy and mash only avocados with salt and lime.

    I like jalapenos too. I didn't have any on hand when I made this though.

    I know you're a chilihead too! Pomegranate seeds would be so pretty with this. I'll have to remember that when pomegranates come back into season.

    Well, I get plenty of food from my relatives so just sharing the bounty.

    Aren't avocados called nature's butter? :)

  7. WC,

    Sometimes I just cut the acovado and take the pit out, and eat it straight from the avocado with nothing else :).

  8. Doesn't look very appetizing?? I think it looks DELICIOUS!!

  9. I love it when I am talking with a friend and he/she suddenly mentions that a relative owns a farm of ____ (fill in the blank). I have had that happen with walnuts and cherimoyas, and am so grateful for those friends and the walnuts and cherimoyas they gave me!

  10. ETE,
    I like avocado with sugar, all mashed up. It's dessert more than savory for me.

    You're easy to please. :)

    Oooh! I would love to have a friend with a walnut or cherimoya farm!


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