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Monday, May 07, 2007

Homemade Frozen Yogurt

Such a heat wave today. Several times now I've mentioned the latest SoCal food craze is frozen yogurt. I've visited Pinkberry and CeFiore, but there's also tons of copycats popping up everywhere. But $5 for a frozen yogurt, no matter how nice the toppings, is way too rich for me. So I decided to do a little experiment. What if I literally made frozen yogurt? I bought a 16-oz container of non-fat yogurt from Trader Joe's for $1.19. (I wanted to splurge for some Greek-style yogurt because it was denser but those were more than twice the price, and I'm all about the cheap in this little food experiment.) The container says 120 calories per serving, 2 servings per container. So 15 calories per ounce, compared to Pinkberry's 25 calories per ounce. I added a few drizzles of honey into the container for natural sweetness but wanted to retain the tartness of real yogurt. Mixed it all up and put it into a freezer safe bag. Then froze it for about 3 hours. Then I mooshed the fro-yo to one side of the bag, cut a hole in the clean corner, and inserted a pastry tip. Like so. Squeezed out into swirls and top with fruit or granola. Taste? Really good. See for yourself. :P For a larger screen, you can view this video on YouTube.
Enjoy! P.S. I need to give a little shout-out to Henry Chan of Henry Chan's Food Videos for teaching me how to upload videos to my blog. Can you just imagine? Maybe I need to revisit some recipes and have video instructions added? :)


  1. Shoot, forget about Pinkberry, when I can have your decadent creation? And I LOVE the video! (Gotta get me some Trader Joe's yogurt to make that!)

  2. Hehe You are watching your calorie intake eh? ;)

    p.s. you've got a very pleasant voice. You must make more videos :)

  3. I commented here earlier, but I guess it didn't go through. So I'll comment again!

    This is pretty timely with my latest post;) Your idea with the plastic bag is brilliant! I do wonder though how the yogurt would fare if thrown into an ice cream maker. Hmmm...

    Great job with your video. If I weren't too lazy to figure out the video options on my digital camera, I'd try to post videos too. But that may open up a Pandora's box of ill-attempted humor on my part.

  4. you really like frozen yogurt huh


  5. Nice video! The plastic bag trick is pretty neat. You can strain normal yogurt for a few hours for Greek yogurt. Mm your fro-yo looks delicious. I could use some right now since is pretty warm (70's) in Seattle.

  6. PE,
    Thanks, I was thinking it was too simplistic but it was fun to do. :)

    Thanks! But I hate hearing my voice. That's not what I think I sound like at all.

    I think it'd be much nicer with an ice cream maker to swirl it. But my freezer was too full and I didn't have time to freeze my ice cream maker for this demo. I think you should! I love your sense of humor so at least one person will be chuckling. :P

    It's hot!

    Straining? Too much work. :P

  7. Haha... That's normal - you won't hear the same thing as what other people hear. Have you ever listened to your own voice message? :) Don't worry. You REALLY have a pleasant voice - very soothing and comforting.

  8. Great idea using the icing tip thingy in the corner of your freezer bag and your video rocks!

  9. Yich,
    Yes, and my voicemail sounds weird to me too! Soothing and comforting huh? My college roommate said her boyfriend said I should go into radio b/c he could listen to my voice forever. heh. :P

    Thanks! I use the freezer bag icing thing for deviled eggs and frosting too! Saves me from having to wash the icing bag.

  10. You have soooo many posts! I can't keep up, haha.

    Anyways, I was JUST thinking about making my own frozen yogurt because of the lack of those hip, new frozen yogurt joints within 10 minutes of my house. Thanks for this post! You made it look really easy and yummy.

  11. Gasp!
    Do you mean to tell me you don't read my blog several times, each and every day? ;)

    BTW, if you read my CeFiore post, they opened one in Newport Beach. It's pretty darned close to Pinkberry, in my opinion.

  12. Hey girl- how did you manage to video AND squirt yogurt at the same time? Did you strap the video cam to your head?!? lol! My kids have one of those head lamps that strap to their heads with velcro. I can rigg one up for you!

  13. Jaden,
    Haha! Nope, all my video cooking has been one-handed and under 3 minutes. :) Did you see the Spam musubi video? It's not so pretty but it was funny.


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