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Friday, May 11, 2007

May Flowers!

I love this rose!

5.11 May Flowers 1

Here's the whole bush.

5.11 May Flowers 2

Notice my amaryllis in the background? I forced it in the pot more than a year ago and never got around to planting it but it still bloomed.

5.11 May Flowers 3

5.11 May Flowers 4

The yellow Lady Fairbanks have since faded from the arch, but the white ones have taken over. When I bought them, I didn't realize I had gotten two different colors. But now I'm quite happy as I get two displays of blooms.

5.11 May Flowers 5

5.11 May Flowers 6

This is Duet. I'm not so crazy about this rose, but she was only $1.97.

5.11 May Flowers 7

If you've been paying attention to my garden updates, you'll see how fast this flower has grown. Can you guess what it is?

5.11 May Flowers 8

It's a hollyhock!

5.11 May Flowers 9

The cupflowers are growing like crazy! They started from those little six-packs two years ago.

5.11 May Flowers 10

I like the color contrast with my mums.

5.11 May Flowers 11

5.11 May Flowers 12

I know I keep showing pictures of my leeks. But I love leeks. And with all the hype about ramps, which are basically wild leeks, I figured I'd thin them a bit and baby leeks should taste the same right?

5.11 May Flowers 13

What recipe would best show off the baby leeks?

5.11 May Flowers 14

Oh, and don't forget strawberries are still in season.

5.11 May Flowers 15

I also cut some sweet peas and put them in a pitcher to scent the house.

5.11 May Flowers 16

With so many blooms, I thought Double Delight rose would look nice too. But something's missing. They keep flopping because the stems are so slender.

5.11 May Flowers 17

5.11 May Flowers 18

Here's a better look at the gorgeous pitcher that I use as a vase.

5.11 May Flowers 19

So how 'bout combining them both for color and scent? I love my blue pitcher. It's from Target's Global Bazaar European collection, which I never saw in California. I carted this back from Oregon. :) So worth it. It was half off!

5.11 May Flowers 20

5.11 May Flowers 21

And this is growing at my new place? Anyone know what it is? Some kind of cactus flower? The bloom only lasted one day but it's so lovely isn't it?

5.11 May Flowers 22


  1. Your garden is simply stunning! The photo with the blue vase and double delight rose is gorgeous.

  2. I think if you cut the leeks at the base instead of pulling them up, they'll re-grow for more leek goodness!

    Unless your intention was to thin them out, as you said. In which case, just ignore this :)

  3. Amy,
    Thanks! I only take the close pretty shots so you can't see the bare, weedy spaces. :)

    Yup, I was thinning out my leeks. But it's good to know I can lop off the tops and they'll re-grow. I'll keep that in mind when they're bigger and won't be crowded for space.

  4. My parents have that flowering cactus, too. Theirs is grown in a container on a stand and the warm pink blooms cascade beautifully. Your "cup flowers" (nierembergia) look so lush! I haven't planted any for a few years now - about time to plant them again.

  5. The rose is pretty. I like the shades of red, pink and white. It's so well-textured from the colors.
    I just went to pick some strawberries over the weekend. Sweet!
    Were these the strawberries you posted earlier on about your garden? They ripen fast!

  6. Nikki,
    Those cup flowers were planted several years ago. Just the small six-packs and they've flourished and flourished.

    Yup, same strawberries. So are you gonna grow some now?

  7. Hey, I could help here.

    I'm having a rubbish day at work, if you're wondering, and just meandering my way through your archives :-)

    It might be a cereus. I had a white night-blooming cereus, flowers are kinda like the dragonfruit's flowers, really gorgeous but oh-so delicate.

  8. Oanh,
    Yay! Mystery solved. Is the cereus what we call bong quynh?

  9. Perhaps - I don't know so because my mum never tells me the viet name for flowers! I also found different areas have different names for flowers...

    Does bong quynh bloom for one night only with a really strong, jasmine-like fragance?

    Check this out:-

    and this


  10. Oanh,
    Yes it does. So I think you solved the mystery. My cactus flower is a cereus and bong quynh is the night-blooming cereus. Yay!


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