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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Geraniums in Flower Pots

Is there anything more welcoming than a front porch with bright red geraniums in flower pots?
(Just an FYI: They're on sale right now at IKEA for $2.50 in case you've always wanted to have flowers in window boxes too.)

I had to move all my houseplants outside because there's no room inside. They're going through a little shock with too much sunlight. I had them just sitting around on the porch until I could figure out what to do with them. But then luckily last weekend, one of my neighbors threw out this shelf. It's got thick coatings of paint so it should be able to withstand the outdoors. Plus, it blocks direct sunlight from burning my many African violets. Serendipitous, no?

I'm like a bird, building a nest where ever I go. It wasn't until this past weekend when I got my porch to look exactly the way I wanted -- a little barrier of plants to block the view from the street and to give me privacy, bright red geraniums in pots along the railing and along the steps, and a little bistro table and chairs to sit and watch life go by.

I haven't started on the backyard yet. Not sure if I want to for a long while. It sure is a lot easier to water a bunch of flower pots, than to weed a whole backyard. So this is my garden for now.

I thought a little break from my dumpling posts was appropriate since ya'll evidently think I'm quite the glutton. Well, I am, or else I wouldn't be so obsessed about food. :) But I do other things too.


  1. what a cute little table!! i love it!

  2. Hehe - so you don't spend all your free time searching for that perfect dumpling? BTW, I like your new chopsticks banner!

  3. I planted some pansies in a little pot on my window sill but they haven't come up yet. Maybe I haven't got green fingers or the weather is not warm enough. I love the way you line up the four flower pots :D

  4. Tania,
    You've eaten off this table before!

    I'm always searching for the perfect everything! :P Thanks. I've been trying to do a header forever and blogger finally made an edit option.

    Are you planting from seeds? I'm so impatient, I want to see blossoms now! But it is almost always sunny in SoCal. :) Thanks! I was trying to mimic Italy or the south coast of France or something with those flower pots. I had them in my other house too but I think they show up much better here.

  5. The garden looks very welcoming!

  6. hahaha
    "I'm like a bird. I nest wherever I go."

    Perfect description.

    I'm like a bird too. Is Martha Stewart a bird as well?

  7. Tigerfish,
    Thanks. That's what I was aiming for.

    Martha Stewart would be Big Bird! :)

  8. You may also use some kitchen stools as your chairs, especially if you got higher bistro table. They're fashionable and durable. :) Hope you'll have more sunny days.

  9. Mike,
    Thanks for the suggestion but a higher table and stool would not fit on my front porch at all. I like my daisy bistro table and chairs just fine. And $500 for one stool, eek!


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