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Friday, May 18, 2007

Coke Float

I know I'm feeling lazy when I put up a recipe for a Coke float. Hehe. :P

Actually, last weekend when I was getting a malt and a phosphate at Fair Oaks Pharmacy and Soda Fountain, they were doing quite a brisk business in root beer floats. I had forgotten how much fun they were.

So the other night, with only cans of Coke on hand and some butter pecan ice cream, I made a Coke float. The trick, of course, is to only fill your glass about 3/4-full. Then plop in your choice of ice cream, and watch the foam rise. Then if there's still room at the top, you add some more Coke.

After scooping out the ice cream and the foam, all that's left is overly sweetened pop, as if that's not sweet enough to begin with. Hmm. Maybe it was better to leave the memories in childhood. I never was able to finish that Coke.


  1. I want to whack you on the head for making and drinking a Coke Float... and you know why I did it ya? :D

  2. But mama Yich! I said I didn't drink the whole thing. :P


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