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Saturday, May 19, 2007

My Peonies are Blooming!

So sad that I leave just when all my flowers are coming into bloom. :(

Look at the Ramblin' Red Climber, isn't it gorgeous? I've got them on both sides of the front door. It's not climbing as fast as I had hoped, but it is awfully pretty.

And look! My peonies are blooming! They're notoriously fickle and hate SoCal weather. Last year only a few stalks came up and absolutely no flowers. I can't remember what kind I bought, but it's supposed to be a white, pink, and red. They all look rather like shades of pink to me. But oh, they smell heavenly.

And the hollyhock is slowly blooming upwards. All this from a seed!

Gypsy rose.

Donna Darlin' looks better half-bloomed to me.

Autumn Sunset Climbing. This one is huge and has one branch that stretches over the roof of the gazebo.

And more views of Double Delight.

Here's a side view of the garden with evening primroses flapping in the breeze.

And for Tigerfish, would you like to come pick these strawberries? :)

Bye bye my little garden! I'll come back to visit. I can't wait to see it when the cosmos saturate the yard with fuchsia petals.


  1. Leaving? Where are you going one-hand chopsticks?

  2. Yich,
    Tut, tut, haven't you been paying attention? I moved to another house.

  3. how you could leave these beautiful babies? You must take them with you!

  4. Hi Jaden,
    I do intend to take them with me at some point. But they're pretty happy where they are now. :)

  5. Beautiful flowers! :)

  6. I would not bear leaving this garden behind...wooo......

  7. All that red and pink is beautiful.

    Those Ramblin' Red Climbers are stunning! So are those pink peonies.

    I think I need to buy a new peony. I only have an old white variety. Yours are so much prettier!

  8. Haha, and would you pay me $2 to pick these strawberries ? I'm coming....woohoo...:D

  9. :(! It's so sad you have to leave your garden. The flowers are soooooooooo pretty, I always look forward to your garden updates!

  10. I got pregnancy amnesia now... you need to forgive me :)

  11. Mel,
    Thanks. :)

    I know! It's two years worth of work and hundreds of dollars of plants. :(

    Has your peony been able to bloom yet? I was thinking it was your garden that it's been 15 years and no peony blossom?

    No, no. The trend these days is for you to pay me to pick strawberries. ;)

    Aww, I didn't know you looked forward to the gardening posts. That's why I just stockpiled all the photos and post once a month. They're more a memory device for me to know what's blooming when.

    Hehe, it's OK. :)


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