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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day Barbecue

For most Americans, the Memorial Day weekend opens summer barbecue season. So for my cousin's graduation dinner, one of my other cousins requested Carne Asada (Mexican Grilled Meat), but I've also updated that post with pictures from this time because they were so much tastier-looking. See? I made the salsa too. My brother made Vietnamese lemongrass chicken drumsticks per my instructions, so technically it's my recipe right? ;)
Ga Nuong Xa (Vietnamese Grilled Chicken with Lemongrass) 1
More chicken, banh beo, Cha Gio (Vietnamese Egg Rolls), mi xao (Vietnamese stir-fried noodles.) There's my carne asada with fixins', homemade Salsa Fresca, cucumber salad. There's also lotus root salad, pork skewers, and pasta salad. Cream and red sauce pastas. Stuffed shells. Really, really thick burgers. Hot dogs, of course. My brother's girlfriend brought this mango cake from Olympic Bakery in Temple City. Pretty isn't it? I was slicing it for everyone and it all disappeared before I could get a slice myself. :( The homemade desserts table. Lil' sis made the chocolate chip oatmeal cookies. My cousin even stuffed the cupcakes with whipped cream. My cousin's friend brought the Marie Callender's custard pie... ... and strawberry pie. And fruit salad. Too full!


  1. Wow WC - I need a major nap just looking at all that food!

  2. Did you invite everyone who is related to you? Because that's a serious spread!

  3. i liked the pork skewers. i only had 2.


  4. WOW, that was a lot of food. I really like that mango cake. It's cool how they cover it with thin slices of mangoes. Mmmm, the mangoes are tasting pretty good lately! We've been going through 1 box a week this month.

  5. Good God that's a lot of grub! You must have loads of leftovers, or hundreds of partgoers leaving the WC estate with full bellys.

  6. HOLLY COW! That's a lot of Foooooooooooooooood. Not to mention how big is the family? Then again it's always best to have more food than not enough.

  7. That's an INCREDIBLE amount of food!

  8. Holy crap that's a nice spread for Memorial Day! Kinda makes me wish I made local plans, but instead I stayed up in South Lake Tahoe. *sigh* There's always next year!!

  9. What a spread and a warm welcome to summer bbq season!

  10. dude! that's a lot of food. :) i would be pigging out! :D

  11. That was a great BBQ party/gathering! So much food! Did you all finish all the food?

  12. Sooooo much food, wow. Btw, I thought bahn beo is those little steamed rice cakes with shredded shrimp? Somehow on the picture I didn't see any bahn beo? Correct me if I got the name mixed up.

  13. holy cow. did you make all that vietnamese food yourself? were you in the kitchen all weekend? international buffet!

  14. Sooo much food! I want to try a little bit of everything but I have a soft spot for meat skewers. Yum! Everything looks delish!

  15. Can I show up and pretend to be family just to pig out?? Mmmm, ga nuong xa. I'm going to tell my mom to make that for me next weekend.

  16. you have enough food to serve the whole army there :D ga` nuong xa is one of my favorite dishes and that mango cake, oh my god, I'm drooling over your pics :D

  17. Kirk,
    You did wonder what it was like when my family gets together. :)

    It was for my cousin's graduation so her mom invited her side of the family too.

    Only two? I offered the last one to your hubby but he didn't want it.

    I've been eating a mango or two every day as well. Yum!

    Actually, not that many leftovers. Just a small plate per family.

    That's always been my philosophy as well. :)

    Heh, Actually, that's pretty typical of the family gatherings.

    Jaded One,
    S. Lake Tahoe is super nice!

    Yes indeed. :)

    I did!

    There were some leftovers, but not much.

    You got it right, the banh beo are beside the egg rolls.

    My contribution was just the carne asada, salsa, and lemongrass chicken.

    There's just something about meat on a stick huh?

    We had plenty of guests, what's one more?

    That mango cake is so pretty huh?

  18. That is an impressive smorgabord of food!!! I love vietnamese food, it's my favorite after Chinese.


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