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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day 11: Sink Habits

Ha! I bet those of you who asked for larger photos weren't asking for blown up pictures of my dirty dishes. ;)

Day 11 Sink Habits

What my sink looks like when I have a sore throat and persistent cough. :(

And no, I don't have a dishwasher. I read somewhere that Libras tend to let the sink fill up and then wash all the dishes at once. This annoys my mother to no end. She being of the wash-as-you-go philosophy. A friend of mine was taught by her father to always wash all the dishes each night. She complained to me about a roommate who would *gasp* go to sleep with a sink full of dishes. I was too sheepish to tell her that'd be me.

But I'm not as bad as my college roommate. She literally left dishes in the sink until mold grew. And she only washed the dishes if I specifically asked. Once, I had one fork in the sink. She washed all her dishes, and left my one fork unwashed, still in the sink. It was just easier to simply wash everything myself than to have to ask her each and every day to wash the dishes.

What are your sink habits? What do you think that says about your personality?

P.S. Please, for the love of cleanliness, don't use the same sponge you washed your dishes to scrub your sink. I cringe every time I see someone finish washing the dishes and use that exact same sponge to wipe the inside of the sink. I keep Comet and a separate sponge underneath my sink for that purpose. Afterall, would you want to lick your sink, no matter how nicely you scrubbed?

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  1. hahahaha!

    My sink looks like that.

    My birthday is Oct. 3.


  2. mine wouldn't look like that and i am a libra. i normally try to wash as a go after i eat or cook. dont like to let it pile up.

  3. I was taught to wash dishes after *every* meal! My husband, the Libra, leaves the dishes in the sink. I think he does this because he knows I'll end up washing them.

    I read an article awhile back about how Asians don't use their dishwasher. We rarely used ours growing up, and to this day, I usually just hand-wash dishes. Of course, my dishwasher has been broken for about a year, and we haven't gotten around to replacing it yet!

  4. Don't be jealous, but I don't do dishes :-)

    Hubby and I have an agreement that if I cook, he has to clean. If there's nothing clean to cook with, then it's takeout night. Funny thing is I was never a clean-as-you-go kind of person and hubby would complain about the dishes piling up...BUT he doesn't wash the dishes after each meal or even every night. See the vicious cycle?? LOL

  5. I'm a wash-as-you-go type unless it's wash-before-going-to-bed or wash-the-next-morning. Hmmm. Doesn't seem to much matter as there is ALWAYS something to wash!

  6. I'm the wash as I go type of person. I don't like to leave dirty dishes in the sink over night because it attracts too many critters, roaches and mice. That makes me cringe!

  7. Um...your sink looks like a mirror image of ours when I am in charge...luckily Mr. Cakespy is a compulsive cleaner! He completes me.

  8. I'm a wash-as-you-go type of person because I just get really irritated seeing things piling up in the sink. I even wash half way through cooking if I use too many pots and pans (I actually quite enjoy washing pots :)
    P.S: hope you're better by now and too bad you live far away otherwise I would come and wash the dishes for you :D

  9. Sis,
    Heh. So I guess there's some truth to that. ;)

    Hmm. Are you sure your really a libra then? :P

    I have no problems with using a dishwasher. It's just that my house doesn't have one. My mom used to think dishwashers didn't clean as well, until she discovered how convenient they were.

    I am jealous! I clean up around my kitchen as I go along, but stopping to wash the dishes is a bit much.

    The minute I finish washing my dishes, it just seems like they pile up again too!

    Cake Wardrobe,
    Ah, just more reasons why I don't live in NY. I've never had any roaches or mice. *Shudder*

    Aww, that sounds like a marriage made in heaven to me. :)

    Hehe. I know you have ulterior motives. You clean, I cook, right? ;)

  10. I'm a Libra too (same birth date as sis). Unlike the typically balanced Libra, I vary between letting the dishes pile for 2 days and obsessively cleaning everything.

  11. haha, you see right through me there. :)

  12. I am freaking out looking at your sink. I get really irritated when I find dishes in my sink. I don't wash as I go - too wasteful of water - so I pile dishes neatly beside the sink and only wash when there's a decent pile. I need access to the sink, at all times! I think I have to have a lie down, now.

    By the way, I love your new photos!

  13. My max is probably two days at the very most, and that's probably when I have mega finals/papers or when I'm sick...otherwise I try to wash as I go or before bed. If I don't get to it because I'm tired or food coma...I at least soak it so it's easier to wash the next day. We use our dishwasher as a dish rack too, haha.

  14. Psychgrad,
    I do that too. I think it's still balanced. Two extremes. :P

    Luckily for you, I don't mind cooking if someone else does the dishes. :)

    Haha! Well, I have virtually no counter space so if I did that, I'd have no room to cook. And there's some space in my sink still.

    Yeah, I usually wash each night or if I'm too tired, then first thing in the morning.

  15. i have exactly the same winter rose mug!...hmmm i have a thing for washing dishes (i love washing and always jumped at any opportunity to help washing up at parties)...(what a pervert) lol

  16. MCR,
    That kind of perversion I gladly welcome! :D

  17. I'm from Australia so we're all about conserving water, so I'm a let-it-pile-up-and-then-wash-it kinda girl. I'm one of those weirdos that scrubs every dish, spoon and plate with copious amounts of soap and hot water before putting it in the dishwasher. Is that an Asian thing? My mother (irritatingly) instilled that in me and I can't seem to shake this habbit!

  18. Anna,
    Maybe? I've heard other people pre-wash before putting dishes in the dishwasher. My mom used to not use ours at all, but then she got lazy and realized the dishwasher does get the dishes clean. I would love to have a dishwasher. Washing dishes by hand is a pain!


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