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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 1

While eating the cow hooves and cow brain curry we ordered from Raso Minang at the Hong Kong Plaza food court, we noticed a crowd of people gathered in front of one booth. It looked like they were praying or blessing? New restaurant opening?

Then we noticed that everyone was lining up for free food.

Free food!

So some of us lined up too. :)

That's a lot of food to give out to each person for free, yeah?

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 2

Another angle of my plate.

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 3

I was most enthralled with this -- potato chips with peanuts and small dried fish in a spicy, sweet, sticky sauce. Must figure out how to make it. Such an unusual and addictive snack.

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 4

Bakmi Parahyangan also gave out free soup too.

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 5

Seriously, so much food to give out for free.

Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina 6

I don't even know when I would be in the area again to see what the restaurant serves, but sometimes I just like documenting my food adventures just because. Or, like with the potato chip snack, so I can remember and try to re-create it some day.

Before we left, Tony of SinoSoul's friend stopped at another stall, Kedai Nikmat, to get nasi bungkus (Indonesian banana leaf-wrapped rice).

Kedai Nikmat - West Covina 1

He opened it so we could see what it looked like.

Kedai Nikmat - West Covina 2

I go for cow brain curry and leave witnessing an Indonesian cultural tradition. Sometimes blogging sure leads to interesting experiences.

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Raso Minang - West Covina
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Bakmi Parahyangan
989 S. Glendora Ave., Ste. 14
West Covina, CA 91790

Kedai Nikmat
989 S. Glendora Ave., Ste. 18
West Covina, CA 91790

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  1. I never realized that LA was such a hotbed of Indonesian food. I'm impressed the food court has restaurants offering food from Sumatra and West Java. I'll pass on the gulai otak, but the nasi rames and nasi bungkus look good. I'll have to try posting a recipe for the potato chip sambal. It's very similar to one using tempe and is a great snack with cold beer.

  2. Sijeleng,
    I know, right? There's still one more Indonesian restaurant I haven't blogged yet, and five more that I know about, but haven't had a chance to visit. Can't wait for the potato chip sambal recipe! That was great snackin'!


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