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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hot Mit Luoc (Vietnamese Boiled Jackfruit Seeds)

Hot Mit Luoc (Vietnamese Boiled Jackfruit Seeds) 1

This one's a quick and easy recipe. As I said previously, my mom said jackfruit seeds could be boiled or roasted. They look like chestnuts, don't they? Sort of tastes like it too.

Read my primer on how to eat jackfruit if you don't know.

Hot Mit Luoc (Vietnamese Boiled Jackfruit Seeds) 2

Hot Mit Luoc (Vietnamese Boiled Jackfruit Seeds)

For as many jackfruit seeds as you'd like:

Seeds from fresh jackfruit

Boil water! Add jackfruit seeds!

That's it! :P

OK, OK. I think I left the seeds simmering for about 15 minutes? That seemed to do the trick. Leave the seeds for longer if they're not soft enough for your liking.

Hot Mit Luoc (Vietnamese Boiled Jackfruit Seeds) 3

They really did taste a bit like chestnuts, slightly starchy and crunchy. The only problem is... well, how do I put this delicately?

I can't.

Let's just say, I remembered a childhood ditty about why jackfruit rhymes with fart in Vietnamese. :P

You've been warned!


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  1. I had no idea you could eat the seeds, too!

    I have to admit at first glance, I totally thought those were little hearts.

  2. these look like chestnuts. Sweet at all?

  3. Jonathan,
    I didn't either until my mom told me. They do look like little hearts!

    Nope. Rather bland.


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