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Monday, September 14, 2009

Introducing "Pablo"

Introducing the newest grandbaby in the WC clan...

Pablo 1

...baby "Pablo" was born to cousin Q's older brother and his wife, after 24 hours of labor, at 2:37 a.m. and weighed 7 pounds, 6 ounces.

That's not his real name, just what we called him in the womb and now the blog. ;)

If you've been paying attention, you might have realized that I blogged earlier this year about his parents' wedding banquet at Pearl Chinese Cuisine - San Diego. Honeymoon baby!

I held him and snuggled him and kissed him and sniffed him until it was time for his feeding and my cousin had to kick me out of the hospital room. Heh! He's so tiny and adorable.

Pablo 2

Tiny little hands.

Pablo 3

Oh! He did not like getting his diaper changed.

Pablo 4

"Please don't pee on me. Please don't pee on me," my cousin pleaded during his first time changing diapers.

He didn't.

Good boy.

Aww, man! I want to hold him and snuggle him and kiss him and sniff him all over again.

Pablo 5

Looks just like his daddy!

Welcome to the world baby "Pablo"!

And what does a food blogger bring to a postpartum mother? Dumplings, of course! Shen jian bao (Chinese steamed buns) from Dean Sin World - Monterey Park.

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  1. Aww! Congratulations! I'm sure he'll be a great eater. :)

  2. congratulations auntie WC!!! what an absolute cutie!!!

  3. Hey there!! I think I am addicted to your site now!

    You are so lucky to have seen little cutie Pablo! I can't wait to hold him! He is so lucky to have an auntie like you who will feed him the most awesome food! :)

  4. Where is the picture of the shen jian bao?

    Congrats. ;)

  5. He looks like he'll be a great recipe tester. I'm a fool about babies. He's gorgeous. I'll bet his daddy is as proud as his aunt. Blessings to you all...Mary

  6. Babies are funny when they're all swaddled like that. Teehee. =D Congrats to the family!

  7. super duper cute! honeymoon baby eh? ;) when do i get one....

  8. What is cute baby!!
    Congrats!! to his Daddy and Mummy
    and you "WC".

    from Cilia (Singapore)

  9. Beautiful little addition to your family! Congratulations!

  10. What an adorable baby. Congrats to the whole WC family!

    Jackie at PhamFatale.com

  11. i love newborn babies. the way they smell, the way they are so tiny in your arms and the way they don't talk back yet.

    congrats Co WC!

  12. He is a beautiful baby boy! And he's so lucky to have an auntie who's a great photographer and fabulous cook (among other things).

  13. How cute! So funny that you guys call him Pablo in the womb :p

  14. Aw, so beautiful! And so chubby! I want to hug him and love on him too! You'll have to give him kisses from me... :)
    Congratulations to you and your whole family for this wonderful blessing.

  15. Marie,
    That's one thing you can say about my family, we can eat!

    Thanks! Even though I had nothing to do with creating his cuteness. :P

    Haha. Haven't heard that expression in a long time.

    Just watch. I'll never let him go.

    All in good time, that post will go up eventually. :P

    I'm an absolute fool about babies too. They're just so cuddly.

    Burrito! Don't know why babies like to be swaddled so much.

    When you have a honeymoon? ;)

    Thanks for sending wishes from so far away!

    Thanks! He'll be big before I know it!


    That's the best part! He didn't even cry, much less talk back. Just lying there so sweetly while I rocked him.

    Let's hope he continues to appreciate me when he gets older. :P

    I don't know who came up with it, but it became a standing joke.

    How could anyone resist hugging and loving sweet little babies?

    Ha! It was bound to happen.


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