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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raso Minang - West Covina

Raso Minang - West Covina 1

Rocky Mountain oysters and squid lips weren't the only unusual food I ate this year. Shortly before our trip to Mesa Verde National Park, Gourmet Pigs organized a meet-up at Raso Minang in West Covina. I had heard of this food court at Hong Kong Plaza before, which features a handful of Indonesian food stalls. While some Indonesian dishes have become a bit more familiar to me, I'm still on a quest to learn more about the cuisine.

Gourmet Pigs said Raso Minang features food from Padang, in West Sumatra, which is known for being spicy and for being cooked in the morning and left on display for customers to choose from what's available.

She promised us the good stuff -- cow brain curry and cow hooves.

Ooh boy! I definitely haven't had either of those on the blog yet.

We started off with satay skewers.

Raso Minang - West Covina 2

Cow hooves.

Raso Minang - West Covina 3


Raso Minang - West Covina 4

Beef rendang. This was just OK, not one of the better versions I've had.

Raso Minang - West Covina 5

Close-up of the cow hooves. Gulai tunjung (Indonesian cow hooves curry). I guess I shouldn't have been surprised they were so soft since gelatin is made from cow hooves. Just imagine really, really soft tendons.

Raso Minang - West Covina 6

Gulai otak (Indonesian cow brain curry).

Raso Minang - West Covina 7

Yum! This was actually my favorite. The brains just absorbed all the flavors of the curry.

Raso Minang - West Covina 8

The jerky was as dry as it looked.

Raso Minang - West Covina 9

Indonesian fried chicken.

Raso Minang - West Covina 10

Pempek (Indonesian fish cakes).

Raso Minang - West Covina 11

And a refreshing tropical drink to wash it all down.

Raso Minang - West Covina 12

Despite the handful of stalls, even on a weekend, there weren't that many customers. Several of the stores were closed. It was interesting to visit an Indonesian food court, especially in West Covina of all places, but a little sad to see it get so little traffic.

Raso Minang - West Covina 13

Unlike Pondok Kaki Lima (Indonesian Street Food) - Duarte Inn - Duarte, which is only held on Saturdays, the food court here is open daily so it's worth a visit if you want options in exploring Indonesian cuisine.

Check out Gourmet Pigs' and SinoSoul's posts for more recaps about our meal at Raso Minang.

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Raso Minang
989 S. Glendora Ave., Ste. 15
West Covina, CA 91790

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  1. Yay, brains ftw!
    We like the dry, crispy lungs in Indo .. may be an acquired taste ..

  2. GP,
    Don't remind of the dry, crispy cow lung chips! Gack! I can't believe I forgot to photograph that.


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