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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake)

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake) 1

So what else does one do with a bumper crop of dragon fruit after making Dragon Fruit Granita, but make a Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake)?

There's not much to the recipe, puree dragon fruit with ice cubes and pour into a glass. I just really liked my photos. Not that it had much to do with me since dragon fruit is naturally arresting all on its own. These photos aren't all the same! The top photo featured the glass more centered. This bottom photo shows slightly more dragon fruit.

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake) 2

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake)

For 2 servings, you'll need:
1 dragon fruit
1/2 cup ice cubes

Optional: Sugar to taste

Scoop out the dragon fruit insides. Puree in a blender with ice cubes. Add sugar if you wish.

Pour into a glass.

Or you can freeze dragon fruit, peel, and puree.

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake) 3

It's like the Highlights magazine game. Spot what's different in each photo.

Top photo, the dragon fruit is a bit sharper. Bottom photo, the dragon fruit edges are a little softer.

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake) 4

Focus on the glass again.

Hey! The photos were so pretty, I couldn't bear to delete so many and these looked slightly different than the dozens of others that didn't make the cut. :P

Sinh To Thanh Long (Vietnamese Dragon Fruit Shake) 5


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  1. I just try to stop myself from taking too many pictures once I know I've already got a decent shot. Otherwise I think I'd end up with a post similar to this!

    I have to admit my collegiate mind is wondering how delicious it would to have dragon fruit shake chasers for shots...

  2. Thi,
    Haha. Sometimes I just like too many pictures and should stop, but can't resist. Hmm. Must come up with a dragon fruit alcoholic drink...

  3. The dragon fruit put so much of its pzazz in its looks that the flavor is not that impressive (of course, the ones that are shipped all the way to Sweden are even more bland, so perhaps I've forgotten). But it makes a surprisingly good icicle, almost creamy, if you cut it in half moons and frezze it (with the skin still on - gives you a wrapper to hold).

  4. Basic Cooking,
    That's what I did with the dragon fruit granita. But yeah, dragon fruit is only really good and really sweet in Vietnam. Even the ones I grow here aren't quite the same.


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