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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Pluot Apple Galette

Plum Apple Galette 1

I didn't really feel like cooking and didn't leave enough time before work to make something to bring to my oldest uncle's house for my ong noi's dam gio (Vietnamese paternal grandfather's death anniversary). But I had a bunch of dinosaur egg pluots in the fridge, one apple, and frozen pie crust.

A French galette with its freeform crust was perfect for a hurried dessert. I quickly heated the oven, sliced up about three pluots and my one apple, tossed in some sugar and cinnamon, layered the fruit slices on the pie crust, and popped it into the oven for about half an hour. I left the tart in the oven  and heated it up again when I got home from work before bringing it over to my uncle's house.

Sure you can make your own pie dough, and I have when I'm in the mood for it, but sometimes there just isn't time.

Plum Apple Galette 2

Pluot Apple Galette

For one galette, you'll need:

1 pie crust per my recipe for cherry pie or store-bought pie crust
1 apple, sliced into thin sections
About 3 pluots or plums, sliced into thin sections
1 tblsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees.

If using frozen pie crust, make sure it's defrosted.

Slice the fruit and toss with 1 tblsp sugar and 1/2 tsp cinnamon.

Plum Apple Galette 3

Lightly oil a cookie sheet and lay the pie crust in the middle. Place the slices into a circle, making sure to evenly distribute the apple and pluots. Leave about two inches on the borders.

Plum Apple Galette 4

It's OK if it doesn't look perfect. More rustic-looking, don'tcha know? :P

Plum Apple Galette 5

Then fold up the sides, overlapping the crust.

Plum Apple Galette 6

Like so.

Plum Apple Galette 7

Pop it into the oven for about half an hour until lightly brown, or longer until golden brown if you intend to serve this right away.

Plum Apple Galette 8

Get home from work, heat up the galette again for about 10 minutes. Then slice and serve. Or slice, photograph for the blog, then bring it over to uncle's house for dinner.

Plum Apple Galette 9

Actually, no one ate my galette because they were all stuffed from this spread.

My Ong Noi's Dam Gio (Vietnamese Paternal Grandfather's Death Anniversary)


Actually, I was super-stuffed too.

But, I did take one little slice for the road.

And the next morning, ate it for breakfast.

And it was good.

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  1. It looks stunning!

    Let me dig in my files, I have a recipe for a hungarian plum cake/tart I think you will like...

  2. Wow, that spread looks amazing. My family is somewhat small so when we have my ong noi's dam gio it's significantly smaller (though it still feels special).

    Do you have a brand preference for store bought dough? I use Safeway brand for chicken pot pies, but it doesn't taste very good for desserts.

  3. You sure make it sound so easy. I was cleaning my refrigerator last night and I found a frozen dough. I am going to do the same with the fruit I have at home.

  4. Oddlyme,
    Thanks! Ooh, email me the recipe please. I still have your banana jam recipe saved to make some day.

    I like Pillsbury dough. It usually only costs about $2.49 for the two crust kind and I find it far superior to the generic brands. Much flakier. So it's worth the extra pennies.

    It is easy! Especially since you already have frozen dough on hand.

  5. I made it today. It was so delicious and easy. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. It's up on my blog now. I hope I correctly credited you:)

  6. FC88,
    Yay! I'll have to link it up when I get the chance.


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