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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dragon Fruit Granita

Dragon Fruit Granita 1

This year's crop of thanh long (Vietnamese dragon fruit) haven't ripened on the vine yet, but triple-digit temperatures means I long for something cold and soothing.

Dragon Fruit Granita 2

Last October, I had a bumper crop of dragon fruit. Just look! So gloriously beautiful.

Dragon Fruit Granita 3

Most of the fruit were pretty small so it was just right for one serving. This recipe really couldn't be easier.

Dragon Fruit Granita 4

Dragon Fruit Granita

For 2 servings, you'll need:
1 dragon fruit, frozen

Optional: sugar, to taste

Toss the dragon fruit into the freezer. Then after they're frozen, slice them in half. Scoop out the insides and puree with sugar if needed. You can also mash with a fork if you'd like the mixture to be a little chunkier. I didn't need the extra sugar because I think dragon fruit is plenty sweet on its own.

Dragon Fruit Granita 5

Serve in hollowed out dragon fruit skins if you like.

Dragon Fruit Granita 6

Or pour into a glass if you must.

Dragon Fruit Granita 7


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  1. I was just going to ask if those were from your plant, but you answered my question in your post.

    Looks like somebody has a green thumb! :)

  2. So simple and elegant! I've never tried Dragonfruit before. You're so lucky to be able to pluck it fresh off of your own vines. :)

  3. Wow, granita is really that simple? I might have to get creative with my fruit

  4. wow, I think they look best in the pink shell. And how I'd love a refreshing cool taste of that right now...

  5. that looks refreshing!!!! I love the colours and hopefully your crop this year will be just as beautiful!

  6. oh j'adore dragon fruit. and frozen, i just bet it's something wonderful & refreshing!

  7. What a beautiful, simple dessert! The last time I had dragon fruit (at my brother's wedding) it was not ripe, so not too sweet. I bet it's perfect now (damn that triple digit temp! curses!)

  8. I just recently discovered this fruit, but didn't really know what to do with it (besides, just eat it, obviously). Freeze it! This is perfect. Thank you. So pretty a presentation, too.

    I also just want to say that I really enjoy your blog, even though I don't usually comment. Thank you for sharing your recipes and everything else.

  9. I've had dragon fruit on the mind all morning. Love this post!

  10. Gorgeous fruit, beautiful presentation, easy, novel (for me anyway) recipe. What's not to love?

  11. This looks so gorgeous! Absolutely stunning!

  12. Diana,
    Wasn't me. My oldest uncle planted it long ago. :)

    You must try it fresh if you ever get a chance. By the time it gets into grocery stores, it just tastes bland and watery.

    It really is super simple.

    I love its natural skin. So beautiful.

    I always get excited every year when it blooms!

    I'm running out of ways to serve it.

    I'm sure you'll get plenty of chances if your sister-in-law brings any home.

    Thank you for such a nice compliment! :)

    Di Traveling,

    Not that novel? Super simple recipe though!



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