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Saturday, June 07, 2008

Are You a Vietnamese Blogger?

Vietnamese wooden dolls in a display case at Thuong Xa Tax (Saigon Tax Trade Center), Saigon, Vietnam, summer 2005.
Full, 62.5 (That's me!), half, quarter, .001. If you consider yourself Vietnamese, you blog, and you'd like to be added to the list, just let me know. This list is not meant to be comprehensive. I'm not including non-Vietnamese who blog from Vietnam for instance. Also, I know there are personal diary-like blogs out there written by Vietnamese, but I don't want to invade their privacy by listing them here. However, if you'd like to be added, just leave me a comment. Please tell me what city and country you're blogging from. Inspired by Santos of The Scent of Green Bananas' list of Asian women bloggers, I thought this list might be of interest to Vietnamese or others who would like to explore blogs written by Vietnamese. Blogs do not have to be about food, but they must be current. Are you a VNese Blogger? Say it proud! Say it with this handy-dandy little button I generated courtesy of Adam Kalsey. Thanks Adam! Choose whichever one you'd like. Please don't link to the button, save the button to your computer and have that button link back to this post. I'm not sure how to do that in other blogging platforms... ...but in Blogger, click-through to the image only, and save the button to your computer. Then create a post and upload the button to your blog, then right-click and highlight the whole button and link it to this post. Then go into "Edit HTML" mode and copy the whole HTML. Then go into "Layout" and choose "Add HTML/Javascript" and paste the whole code there. You can then discard the post. Voila! The "VNese Blogger" button should appear on your sidebar. After that, you can move it around wherever you wish.Take a look at the bottom of my sidebar to see the button. Click on the button and it should take you directly to this post. Drop a comment if you'd like to be added to the list. As is my wont, organized alphabetically, first by country and then by blog name. If you move, please let me know so I can update the list.
AUSTRALIA Food Lover's Journey - Melbourne
I So Hungry - Brisbane CANADA Miss.Adventure @Home/Miss.Adventure in Vietnam - Hamilton, Ontario FRANCE La Vie Cevenole - Languedoc Roussillon ITALY Cooking Practice - Ferrara SWITZERLAND Mon Memento en Ligne - Neuch√Ętel UNITED KINGDOM Diary of a Novice Cook Unique Schmuck/Halfway Between Ca Mau and Sai Gon UNITED STATES Angry Asian Creations/I Wonder as I Wander/Kitchen Doorknobs - Baltimore, MD Bolinao 52 Brand Eating - SoCal Budding Cook - SoCal Caroline Tran - SoCal
Carrot Love - Northern Virginia Christine||enitsirhC - Columbus, OH Flavor Boulevard - NorCal and Houston, TX Fooding 411 - San Diego, CA Furey and the Feast - SoCal Gastronomy Blog - SoCal Guilty Carnivore - Portland, OR Holy Basil - Ann Arbor, MI i cannot focus - Boston, MA I (Heart) Food 4 Thought/I (Heart) Cuppycakes - SoCal I Nom Things - SoCal Kiki Rice - Dallas, TX Lunch with Front Studio/Viet Club - NYC The Maltese Bacon - NYC MidnightMare Apparel - SoCal Monsoon's A-Commin' - NYC Nikki Polani: As It Happens - SoCal No Tables/From South of Los Angeles to New Orleans, Louisiana - New Orleans, LA Oishii Eats - SoCal Orange County Vietnamese Restaurant Guide - SoCal Passionate Eater - NorCal Peachy Mango Delight - Washington, D.C. Playing with My Food/Ao Dai Project - Seattle, WA Ravenous Couple - SoCal Shaved Ice Sundays - SoCal Sunday Nite Dinner - NorCal Tia Nguyen - Boston, MA VietMom/Mama Lounge - NorCal Viet World Kitchen - NorCal Wandering Chopsticks - SoCal White on Rice Couple- SoCal World is My Oyster/Life Thru Lenses - SoCal VIETNAM Saigon Blues Vietnamese God ***** 1 year ago today, frozen yogurt at Pinkberry - Rancho Cucamonga.


  1. yah! i made it to the list. thanks :D and cool i've always been search for more vietnamese bloggers. :D

  2. You know, this is going to sound weird, but I've never thought of myself as a Vietnamese blogger, though it's true. Maybe it's because I don't do anything particularly Viet in my posts. But thanks for the start of a list - I always like exploring new bloggers :-)

  3. i am not a vietnamese blogger but i think this is a fabulous idea :-)!! i think diane of white rice couple is vietnamese...im not sure though

  4. BC,
    I think you're the first other VNese food blogger I "met." :)

    We all blog about different things, our ethnicity is just the starting point of the list. That's why I didn't include non-VNese who blog about VN. I think it's more interesting to see what other VNese are choosing to blog about, than simply discussing VNese things all the time.

    Yup, she's already on the list.

  5. So great to have this list, WC. I've been wanting to get together such a list and here it is :)

  6. What a fantastic idea, WC! Thanks for adding me to the list. :)

  7. Great list. Thanks for compiling it and including me.

    Lan from Angry Asian Creations is another Viet blogger from Maryland. Her blog is a combination of food and crafts. BTW, she's not that angry. ;-)

  8. Christine,
    It's really a rather short list though.

    Of course I had to add you.

    Thanks for giving me another suggestion.

  9. Hi, just flew in from Elmomonster's blog. I'm 1/2 Vietnamese and I'm from Socal. Do you think you can add me? Thanks in advance!

  10. WC: I have another one which is (I hope) a great East Coast resource. I haven't updated it in awhile but there is a long list of Vietnamese related links on the sidebar.

    Nice compiling!

  11. Nomnomnom,
    You're welcome.

    Thanks for reminding me. I added it.

  12. Hello, I don't know if I'm allowed to join your list too. I'm Vietnamese and I have a blog in which I write also some Vietnamese recipes. But it's in French !
    Feel free to visit !

  13. Hi Thao,
    I'd love to add you. Can you tell me your city and country? I wish I knew French so I could read your blog, but I'm sure someone else who can will be glad to find your blog.

  14. I am still catching up w/your old posts and I found this one. Thanks for putting this great resource together--I love it!

  15. PE,
    I've found several new blogs this way. Pretty cool, but I wish there were more of us!

  16. Wanderingchopsticks, can you please add me to your list? My blog was just born yesterday, much inspired by your blogging series. I was J/DocJ recently until I got this blog started. I'm hoping to focus more on the eastern SGV,where I live, although there is a rarity of good eating places around here.

  17. SIS,
    Well, I'm flattered my blog inspired you to blog! Adding you to the list. Your blog looks great! Must be from my advice. ;)

  18. Hi,

    I consider myself Vietnamese and yes, I would like to be part of the Vietnamese bloggers. Can you add me? Thank you.

    I'm from the US, NY (Brooklyn to be exact) Thanks again.


  19. Quyen,
    I've added you. A poet! That's great. I love how diverse my list is getting.

  20. Hey,
    Thanks for adding my blog to the list. Finally a perk for smelling like fish sauce!

  21. Cam,
    Haha. Your blog is a great resource since I don't get out to OC as often as I used to.

  22. Cool! Thanks! I was searching around for other Viet bloggers to add to my blogroll too.

    I have two blogs:




    I'll add you to my blogroll too and attempt to put the button on my sites as well.

    viet bloggers unite!

  23. Superglam,
    Great! I'll add both blogs to the list.

  24. Hey Wandering Chopsticks!

    I love your blog and I too would love to be added to the list!

    I share a blog with my girlfriend (she's Taiwanese and I'm Vietnamese).

    I live go to school in San Diego but grew up with my family in Westminster (Little Saigon).

    The blog URL is:

    Thanks! Love the list!

  25. Hi Daniel,
    Welcome! I'll add you to the list. :)

  26. Hello! My name is Mai & I enjoy reading your blog. I'm Vietnamese and I own a blog of my own. It looks like most of the people on the list are from the west coast, but I'm from Northern Virginia :).

    Could you add my blog to the list? The URL is:


  27. Hi my name is Ann and I am full Vietnamese! I was born and raised in Brisbane Australia!

    I added the button linking to this group page. (http://isohungry.blogspot.com). Please ad me to your group :)

    Love your blog!

  28. Hi Mai,
    Adding you! There are so many of us in California, it'd be nice if others came out of the woodwork.

    Hi Ann,
    I've added you to the list! I love finding other Vietnamese bloggers.

  29. Hi WC,
    I stumbled onto this entry after having lurked for a while. With the exception of a couple of things, my blog is not VN-centric, although I am Vietnamese. Do you think I could join the club?!

  30. Oh, sorry, just reread your instructions as I am trying to get the little icon. I live in France, in the Languedoc Roussillon. thanks for doing this.


  31. Hi Tammy,
    I've added your blog. Sorry it took so long! I'm hopelessly unorganized about these things. It's great that you've found me, so that I can find your blog as well. :)

  32. Thanks so much for adding me--and reading me! I carefully went through all your restaurant reviews--and boy I am ready to order!!

  33. Hi Wandering Chopsticks!

    I was wondering if me and my girlfriend could join your Vietnamese blogger directory.

    We post recipes and restaurant reviews and are avid fans of your blog!

    Our link is: http://notabletwo.blogspot.com/

    (We're from New Orleans, Louisiana)

    Thanks and we look forward to keeping up with your blog!

  34. Tammy,
    So nice to find your blog this way. I've really been enjoying reading it.

    Apologies for taking so long. Got buried in my inbox. I've added you!

    Wow! That just made this the 10,000th comment on the blog!

  35. Hi Wandering Chopsticks,
    We would like to join your list. We are from HCMC but currently living in Madrid... our site
    Vietnamitas en Madrid


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