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Friday, June 20, 2008

Peach House - San Gabriel (Closed)

Prior to the opening of Nubi Yogurt, my favorite frozen yogurt place in the San Gabriel Valley was Peach House.

The decor is a bit stark, space age-y even. The white panels on the side actually have bands of color which you can't see unless you're on the inside facing out. On the side, there's a small flat screen TV with music videos, a variation of the mash-up since the videos don't coordinate with the music.

Peach House - San Gabriel 1

Part of the reason why I like Peach House is not just because of the fresh fruit toppings but the quality of the toppings have almost always been good. It's not enough just to have freshly diced mangoes, their mango chunks are sweet and juicy. The raspberries have never been mushy or bruised. Small differences but it adds up.

Peach House - San Gabriel 2

They also don't add any artificial color so the original and peach flavors look the same. The frozen yogurt is not tart here though, so if you're looking for an exact Pinkberry copycat, you won't find it. A few times the peach flavor has been a little bland, but on the whole, the fro-yo is smooth and creamy. Similar Pinkberry pricing. A medium with three toppings is $4.75 for the original and $5.25 for the peach flavor.

Peach House - San Gabriel 3

Peach House also offers a Brazilian lemonade for $1.95. It's really a limeade though and cousin Q has a homemade recipe using limes and condensed milk. The middle fro-yo was their limited time raspberry flavor.

Peach House - San Gabriel 4

Parking is a pain. The lot is very small. The only entrance is if you go westbound on Valley Boulevard because you can't turn left from the eastbound lane.

September 19, 2009 Update: Several times when passing, I've noticed the chairs up and the restaurant shut. I think Peach House has closed. :(

Who else ate at Peach House?
Cousin Q liked their snazzy interior and Brazilian lemonade.

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Peach House
531 W Valley Blvd
San Gabriel, CA 91776
Open noon to 11 p.m.

1 year ago today, fried rice with bacon, corn, eggs, and green onions.


  1. this is what i need when its hot like this!!! yummy

  2. It looks like Yami yogurt! I like the variety of toppings.

  3. Frozen yoghurt with fresh fruits! So yummy and healthy. Sadly, we don't have this here. But then again, berries are so expensive here, i doubt the serving will be as generous if they ever have one here.

  4. on a hot day this would be so nice. but the craze hasn't hit over here yet so i haven't had my first taste. but i wonder is this anything like tcby?

  5. What a yummy dessert!BTW,I'm glad that I've found this site.I've found a lot of vietnamese recipes that I like and I'm going to try some of it.Thanks a lot.

  6. Dhanggit,
    It's been hot here too. Must be why I've been thinking of fro-yo.

    Has the fro-yo craze hit Oz too?

    There's other toppings so they could do the same concept without berries.

    Nope. If you read the background post I mentioned on my first Pinkberry post, this yogurt is tart.

    Glad you like the blog! I hope you do try some of the recipes.


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