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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Oh! Nuts and "Life as We Know It" Giveaway

I was recently contacted by Sam of Oh! Nuts, who asked if I'd like to sample some of their nuts and dried fruit products. I chose pinenuts, pistachios, and cashews, and dried cranberries.

Oh! Nuts and Life as We Know It Giveaway 5

I've always wanted pinenuts to make Italian pinenut cookies or even to top a Korean persimmon drink, but could never justify the expense for myself. So yay! Be prepared for some recipes.

Anyway, so since I got something, I decided you should get something too.

Oh! Nuts is partnering with Warner Bros. Entertainment to promote their upcoming movie “Life As We Know It," starring Katherine Heigl and Josh Duhamel. They are hosting an online sweepstakes offering a chance to win a family trip for four to Hollywood, CA. For more information about the sweepstakes, check out the website at www.ohnuts.com/life/.

Oh! Nuts offered me two tickets to the movie's screening and a gift basket, but I'd rather give them away to one of you. The screening will take place some time next week before the movie opens on October 8, so do make sure you're available and live in, or near, the following cities:

New York City
Los Angeles
San Diego
San Francisco
Miami/Ft. Lauderdale
San Jose

The other half of this prize is a baby basket valued at $29.95 filled with Oh! Nuts nuts, candy, and other stuff.

To be eligible for this prize, you must leave a comment telling me if you live near one of the cities that will be screening the movie and which gift basket you'd like if you win. Leave your email address or some other method of contact.

Since the movie screenings are coming up soon, the deadline to leave a comment is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 26. I will pick a winner that evening and update this blog post.

You must check back and email me your name and which city you'll be attending the screening by 5 p.m. on Monday, September 27. If you don't contact me by then, I will pick another winner since I have to pass the names along to Sam by Tuesday.

But wait!

There's a second prize with a second deadline.

If you'd like to also be eligible to win one pound of any of Oh! Nuts' colored candies and nuts, check out the choices available on the Oh! Nuts candy by color page and tell me in your comments which color and candy you'd like if you win. Please leave a link to the exact item you want to so there's no confusion.

Deadline to leave a comment for this prize is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29. I will draw the winner's name from the total pool of comments, so if you left a comment early on for the first prize of the movie screening tickets and gift basket, you'll still be eligible to win the colored candy during my second pick.

Sorry, this giveaway is only open to U.S. residents.

So to recap:

In your comment, tell me if you will be able to attend one of the movie screenings next week and which color gift basket you'd like.

Also, check out the Oh! Nuts candy by color page and tell me in your comment which color and candy you'd like if you win.

Deadline for the first prize is 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, September 26 and deadline for the second prize is 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday, September 29.

Only one comment per person please. Winners will be chosen using Random.org. Please email me at wanderingchopsticks (at) gmail (dot) com to claim your prize.

Thanks again to Sam and Oh! Nuts for sponsoring this giveaway.

Good luck!

September 26, 2010 update:

Using Random.org, the winner of the Oh! Nuts gift basket and "Life as We Know It" movie screening tickets is...


Congratulations! Please respond to my email by 5 p.m. or I will have to select another winner.

If you haven't left a comment, please do. The deadline for the colored candy giveaway doesn't end until 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, September 29. I will draw a second winner after that.

September 30, 2010 update:

Using Random.org, the winner of the Oh! Nuts colored candy giveaway is...


Please check your email and respond by 11:59 p.m., Saturday, October 2 so you can claim your prize.

October 3, 2010 Update:
After not hearing from the previous winner, I redrew and the new winner of the colored candy giveaway is...

Phuong! Congratulations! Please contact me or respond to my email by 11:59 p.m., Wednesday, October 6 to claim your prize.

Thank you to everyone for participating in this giveaway. Entries are now closed.

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  1. thanks for holding this wonderful giveaway! I live in LA and have been wanting to see this movie! I'd love to win the blue colored basket as well as the this gold colored candy http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-chocolate/gift-boxes/gems .

    potbelliedpiggie (at) gmail (dot) com

  2. Wow sounds like fun!

    I live in Houston. I would like the pink colored basket or the pink colored candies.

    My email is mary(dot)h(dot)nguyen(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. Awesome! I would be able to see the LA screening of this movie. It looks hilarious. I'd like the blue colored basket and these gummies: http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-candy/gummies-gummy-candy/whatamelon-slices.

    suechang52 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. These are great giveaways! I live close by
    San Francisco and San Jose, so I would go to one of those. If I win, I'd love to have the pink basket.

    For the second giveaway, I would love the gold foiled diamond chocolate truffles: http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/non-dairy-gold-foiled-diamond-chocolate-truffles. I'm drooling just looking at them!


  5. Wow this is very cool of you to offer this to your readers. I live nearby Dallas. I'd like to have the pink basket if chosen.

    For the second giveaway, let me at those Chocolate Mint Lentils - Purple! They look yummy.

    dmpham78 (at) gmail (dot) com

  6. Hi! I live in Los Angeles and would like to have the pink basket if I won!

    And for the second contest, the pink Jordan Almonds =) I really like pink....

    Email is brownizod(at)hotmail(dot)com


  7. Hi Chi, I love this blog and I love that you hold giveaways as well! I live in Seattle Washington and I would love the pink basket if I won, it's so de thuong! As for the second contest I'd like the gold candy.

    Email: wendiecao@gmail.com

  8. Hi - I live in Orange County and hope to win the blue basket. For the nuts, I'd love to try the almond in gold color - http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-candy/jordan-almonds/gold
    I've found your blog through foodgawker.com and have enjoyed reading and find it very useful. Thank you in advance. Email: meg0101meg(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I live in san jose so I can go to a screening, I prefer the blue basket of goodies and blue candy. email addy: oriolebird@hotmail.com

  10. I live in Miami. I would love to win the pink basket and I would love the Jordan Almonds!

  11. Hi! i live in NYC and would like to attend that screening. I'd like the pink basket and would like the Jordan Almonds. thanks! email Aspasia at elpida33@yahoo.com

  12. I live in San Diego and would love to go to the movie. I'd pick the pink basket as well as the pink candy...can you tell I'm a sucker for these things?!

  13. I live near a screening. I want the blue basket and blue jordan almonds http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-candy/jordan-almonds/baby-blue . Thanks, klwe64@yahoo.com

  14. http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/bulk-candy/jordan-almonds/patriotic

    I'm not near the preview sites, however they frequently have them in Ft Myers FL.

    Please put me in for draw #2

    matzsmith (at) gmail (dot) com

  15. Hi~~
    Unfortunately, I'm not near any preview sites, but, my brother and his wife recently adopted a baby girl. I'd love to give them the pink basket if I won. Thanks so much!
    vac924 at gmail dot com

  16. I am not near a preview site. I'd like to pick the pink gift basket if I won. Also, in honor of lowering my sugar intake hehehehe i'd pick my favorite which I didn't know they made it sugar free
    TY for a great giveaway!

  17. closest to me is the LA screening. I'd pick the blue basket :) And mm, I'm having a hard time choosing so it'll either be the Non-Dairy Light Blue Foiled Diamond Chocolate Truffle or Baby Blue Jordan Almonds


  18. What an awesome giveaway. I missed the movie screening drawing, but I'd like to enter the second drawing. If I were to win, I'd like the purple M&Ms. Here's the link: http://www.ohnuts.com/buy.cfm/purpl-m-ms-chocolate-candies

  19. Thank you everyone for participating. The winner has been picked and entries to this post are now closed.