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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon!

Discouraged from the job hunt after lil' sis finished school, she decided she needed a goal. I thought she was crazy when she told me she signed up to run the Disneyland Half Marathon.

Lil' sis has weak ankles! She'll fall down! She doesn't run! Much less run for 13.1 miles straight!

Week by week, I watched as she added mile after mile to her routine.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 1

I can't see!!!

After all that hard work, I have to see and photograph when lil' sis crosses the finish line!

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Excuse me.

Front of the crowd!

Not lil' sis, but I she looked so darn happy, we should congratulate her anyway. I was actually taking a picture of the Minnie Mouse runners in the background.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 2

More Minnie Mouse. Or Minnie Mice?

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 3

And an Incredible.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 4

I hope this man did not wear that headpiece for all 13.1 miles. How uncomfortable?! Even more uncomfortable? The woman wearing a bikini tube top and no other upper covering. Ouch! For 13.1 miles? I don't even want to think of the pain and the damage that gravity can do.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 5


I see lil' sis!

Do you?

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 6


In her homemade Tigger shirt. See?


13.1 miles in 3 hours, 29 minutes, and 47 seconds.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 7

The time is from the start of the race, but with 14,000 runners, lil' sis didn't actually cross the starting line until 37 minutes after the race had started. She would have made better time if she didn't have to wait in line to take photos with the Disney characters. You know lil' sis always has to take pictures with Disney characters. How could she pass up the chance to take one with four princesses?

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 8

After photographing more pictures of her at the finish line, and of her with her two former roommates who ran the race too, she went home to shower. Because 13.1 miles = grossly sweaty!

I stopped off to congratulate WC reader Jacqueline aka @It'sMeCoffeeGirl, who ran the half marathon with her dad. Jacqueline's time was 3 hours, 3 minutes, and 28 seconds. Yay Jacqueline!

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 9

Jacqueline said she learned to cook from my blog because before when she tried to cook other people's recipes, they didn't turn out right. Gosh, gee, I love hearing it, but it's also a little embarrassing? She then introduced me to her friends. You know the oxtail stew you ate? Her recipe! And the catfish? Hers too! Haha. Although, it is awfully nice because Jacqueline says she makes sure to give me credit every time she makes something from the blog.

Sleeping Beauty's fairies.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 10

Lots of Tinkerbells.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 11

What fun! I guess if you have to run a half marathon, running through Disneyland and in costume are the ways to go.

Lil' Sis Ran the Disneyland Half Marathon 12

Lil' sis says she only feels half-complete. No way! 13.1 miles is a big deal! And she got a job too! So setting goals and accomplishing them is a big deal. Yay lil' sis!

But she's aiming for a full marathon at Disney World next. I told her I'd go watch so we could do The Wizarding World of Harry Potter afterward. :P

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  1. My former cross-country teammate at Northwestern actually won this yesterday! I can't believe how fast she ran!!! Another teammate had a baby yesterday too.

    And I ate pie. :)

  2. hi wc - please give my congrats to your sis! wow, what an awesome accomplishment!

    loved your photos of the runners in costume! the king tut dude, oh my gosh! crazy!

  3. i told myself if i ever did a 1/2 it would definitely be disney's. i'm just discouraged because of the time of year and the HEAT. lol. anyway, congrats to your lil sis! i've been a reader for some time now and i still think your sisterly relationship is super cute!

  4. thanks big sis! and to everyone else

    it was a very fun race, and i'm definitely doing it next year!

  5. OMG thanks for posting this. I did not know this one existed. What fun. Distraction can be key when you are slogging miles. Kudos to little sis for setting a goal and following thru- quite empowering. Best of luck to her.

  6. 1. i am so proud of your sister! congrats to her for completing this and for the new job!

    2. i give props to everyone who sets a goal and meets it. gosh, i wish i had her determination to run. i am just incapable of all that running!

    3. if you guys make it to FL for Disney World, LET ME KNOW! i need to see the harry potter park!

  7. I want to see the harry potter park too! lol and congrats to your sister!

  8. Diana,
    Yay! Nice to know an NU alum won. I couldn't believe how fast the winners ran. Crazy times! I'd only be a few miles in after an hour, not 13 miles! Oh, and I would totally pick pie too. :P

    I knew you'd appreciate the costumes! There was a guy in Snow White costume who was in front of my sister in all the lines to take pictures too. He had the full dress on, red ribbon in his hair, and an apple that he carried the whole way. There's a photo of him posing just like Snow White with his hands so dainty that's soooo hilarious.

    The race started at 6 a.m. By 10 a.m., it wasn't that hot. It looks really fun and I am definitely not a runner. I lucked out because I couldn't imagine having anyone else for a little sister. Or maybe she lucked out with me! :P

    Lil' sis, why are you showing up as that?

    There were lots of spectators so it was quite the event.

    Me too. I am not a runner, but it looked like so much fun, I kinda want to try. I want to go to the Harry Potter park soooo badly!

    Haha. All of us! So I guess after all the movies, I still have the theme park to look forward to?


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