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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Las Cunadas Rosticeria and Mexican Food Restaurant - Alhambra (Closed)

Las Cunadas - Alhambra 1

Sometimes my forays into cheap eats aren't always so successful. In August 2009, I was craving rotisserie chicken, but felt too lazy to drive all the way to El Monte for Pollo Mania. So I decided to try Las Cunadas Rosticeria and Mexican Food Restaurant in Alhambra.

Located in a small strip mall next to an auto parts store and what used to a photo booth, but is now the psychic Mrs. Lin's fortunetelling booth, Las Cunadas was easily overlooked. But the sign did say rotisserie after all.

I got half a chicken, rice, beans, salsa, tortilla chips, limes, radishes, and tortillas all for $6.99 or was it $7.99?

Las Cunadas - Alhambra 2

I know! So cheap, right? The chicken skin wasn't too bad, but the meat was really quite dry, having sat under heat lamps for too long.

Las Cunadas - Alhambra 3

The tortilla chips, radishes, and limes were an unexpected addition, but the chips tasted rather stale.

Las Cunadas - Alhambra 4

I was actually rather sad that the restaurant always looked so empty and figured I'd go back to try the tacos or other items, but it closed down before I could get to it.

Las Cunadas has been replaced with Manny's Tacos, which also offers posole and menudo, so hopefully it'll have better luck in that location.

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Las Cunadas Rosticeria and Mexican Food Restaurant
1100 W. Commonwealth Ave., #C
Alhambra, CA 91803

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  1. Good to see you keeping up on the Mexican food joints.

  2. Christian,
    I do try. Although, this is probably one of my least-interesting Mexican restaurant posts! :P


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