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Saturday, April 03, 2010

Mike and Anne's Restaurant | Bar - South Pasadena

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 1

Shortly after my house was broken into, my childhood friend talked me into getting out instead of staying in and stewing in my own sadness. We weren't hungry, just looking for a place to chill late at night in the San Gabriel Valley that wasn't a Hong Kong cafe.

I mentioned that there were some wine bars in South Pasadena. Of course, the names of the wine bars I wanted to try were bookmarked on a laptop I no longer had. So we drove along Mission Street, figuring we'd stop in at whatever looked appealing. That's when we saw the twinkling lights and decided to check out Mike and Anne's Restaurant | Bar.

The space was rather inviting, holiday lights twinkling outside and a good number of people quietly talking and drinking inside. Perfect for a low-key evening.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 2

Complimentary bread and tapanade.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 3

My friend ordered a spicy tomato-herb risotto with calamari topped with black olives, red onions, and micro greens for $11.50. I think she liked it? Or maybe not? I know I tried some, but can't recall what it tasted like more than a year later.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 4

I couldn't resist the homemade onion rings with cranberry ketchup and apricot mustard for $5.50. The onion rings were good, but the ketchup and mustard were quite disappointing. Too bland. They did not complement the onion rings well and we ended up asking for regular ketchup also. Then, they became good!

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 5

We ordered wine. Several glasses although I've forgotten the names and varieties. I remembered the bill being around $50. Ack! Since I don't drink much anymore, I had forgotten how quickly alcohol added up. My friend took care of the bill, telling me that's standard these days for drink outings.

But even better was knowing that sometimes when bad things happen and I'm knocked askew, when sometimes people disappoint me when I needed them the most, someone else cares enough to be there. Especially my cousins who waited with me until the policeman came (Two hours later!), who looked up 800 numbers so I could cancel my credit cards and bank accounts, and who made sure my house was secured and I was safe.

Of course, an appetizer and entree isn't enough for a blog post so there my pictures languished. Well, that and I didn't want to dwell on the circumstances that led me to trying the restaurant in the first place.

I remembered that evening that the waitress was busy setting up for brunch the next day. It was high time I revisited so I could finally blog the restaurant.

So last month when I had a rare free Saturday morning, Gourmet Pigs and I went to Mike and Anne's for brunch. The outdoor patio overlooked a nice little garden.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 6

She ordered a $3.75 mint lemonade which didn't taste very minty, but at least the lemonade part was good. I got a hot tea for $2.75.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 7

I ordered the $11.45 hand cut corned beef hash with sweet peppers, onions, two eggs any style (I obviously chose scrambled), and toast. The toast was a nice warm nutty slice. The corned beef hash was excellent. Good flavor, nice-sized pieces, just really good all around.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 8

She got three gigantic lemon ricotta pancakes with blueberry compote for $8.95. The butter was freshly whipped. The pancakes were lemony, light, and fluffy with small pieces of ricotta incorporated into the batter.

Mike and Anne's Restaurant  Bar - South Pasadena 9

Mike and Anne's seemed to be a pretty popular brunch destination for the area. Lots of families lingering on the patio.

I know it shouldn't be compared, but since lil' sis was out dining with our nephew and his friend at the same time, I kept thinking that for the price of this brunch, I could've had five bowls of filet mignon pho at Pho Filet Vietnamese Restaurant - South El Monte. I can't help it. Vietnamese brunch for the win!

But yeah, for American brunch, especially in this area, Mike and Anne's is pretty good.

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Mike and Anne's Restaurant | Bar

1040 Mission St., Ste. 102
South Pasadena, CA 91030-3173
Closed Mondays
Breakfast and Lunch: Tuesday to Sunday 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.
Dinner: Tuesday to Thursday, and Sunday 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Bar until 11 p.m.
Dinner: Friday and Saturday 5:30 p.m. to 10 p.m. Bar until midnight.

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  1. I've never heard of this place! Nice!

  2. I agree. When I was at my saddest and thought that no one would be there, there's always someone who were there for me, and it touched me to the core(tearful, please excuse my hormones ^_^).

    The brunch looks amazing. I've been wanting pancakes for breakfast, but there's no pancake joint near my current place :(
    I am too lazy to make my own. Aiya~ aiya~

  3. Oh my goodness, I didn't know your house was broken into! That sucks, so sorry. Glad you were safe though.

    I like Mike & Anne's. I also agree that it's a little pricey compared to all the Asian options we have nearby, but you can't get lemon ricotta pancakes at my favorite noodle joint either. :)

  4. Hi WC! I remember you posting on the break in. What a sad day. I had my house broken into once before too and had my then brand new 19" iMac stolen. The hardware is replaceable but I lost so many photos including a friend's wedding abroad.. :(
    Anyway the onion rings look fantastic!

  5. Nice place for some good looking for. Glad to that you're safe and blogging.

  6. The apricot mustard and the cranberry ketchup sounds like a good idea. The breakfast was a feast for kings and queens though :D

  7. WeeMo,
    You probably wouldn't unless you lived in South Pasadena. It's not too far from the 110.

    Yeah, it really helps to know there are others there when I really needed someone. Make SC make pancakes for you!

    True. True. It's hard to compare American vs Asian restaurants if the menus are completely different. Just my sense of value kicks in. :P

    Oh no! That's awful. Luckily my data was backed up so I didn't lose much from the laptop. Having my citizenship certificate stolen though! :(


    The ketchup and mustard sounded good, but were just too bland in execution. My hand cut corned beef was mighty tasty though!

  8. the tomato risotto was gross! like calamari on top of campbell's soup! looks like they do pancakes and brunch much better! glad i could be useful :). u were there for me too...

  9. Van,
    I totally blanked out what that dish tasted like. :P Awww, I'm so glad we stayed friends after so long.


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