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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How to Flip a Roast Chicken With a Wooden Spoon

Salt, Pepper, Lemon Basic Baked Organic Chicken 4

This tip might be obvious to some of you, or it might be a light bulb moment for others. As you know, I bake a lot of roast chicken. A lot. Really. Really. Really. A lot. And after making it enough times, I've become pretty good at flipping the bird (heheh) so that the skin stays mostly intact.

The trick is to use a wooden spoon. It's best to use a spoon with a wide mouth, like a wok bamboo wooden spoon, to stabilize the chicken while turning.

I forgot to take a picture of the spoon for this tip, so I'll just borrow a photo from my Com Chien Ca Man (Vietnamese Chinese Salty Fish Fried Rice recipe. This kind of spoon.

Com Chien Ca Man (Vietnamese  Chinese Salty Fish Fried Rice) 10

The chicken is always roasted breast side-down first. Then when it's time to turn so breast side is up, insert the spoon into the chicken cavity.

How to Flip a Chicken with a Wooden Spoon 1

Lift up a little and if needed, grab a drumstick to turn the chicken.

How to Flip a Chicken with a Wooden Spoon 2

The chicken is now breast side up, skin mostly intact, and ready to finish baking.

How to Flip a Chicken with a Wooden Spoon 3

Because really, the crispy skin is the best part!

How to Flip a Chicken with a Wooden Spoon 4

Hope that helps!

My other tips and tricks can be found in Peek in My Kitchen.

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  1. Great idea indeed! Thank you!

  2. Cool! I have the worst luck trying to flip a chicken using everything other kitchen tool, except of course for a wooden spoon-ish thingy. Thanks!

  3. Nadege,
    You're welcome. :)

    I love my low-tech kitchen gadgets. In this case, not even a gadget at all, but the wooden spoons do get daily use.



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