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Friday, April 16, 2010

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 1

In April 2009, after dining at One Sunset - West Hollywood, I still wasn't quite satisfied. I wasn't hungry, but dinner didn't quite hit the mark for me. After dropping off The Glutster, Danny of Kung Food Panda and I saw the "open 24 hours" and "Especial Martes Tacos .55" signs at Tacos Mexico and decided to make a pit stop. It wasn't a Tuesday so the tacos were actually $1.05, but that seemed just right for a late night snack.

Danny got carne asada tacos, I think?

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 2

I got lengua and carne asada tacos. The tongue was actually quite tender and flavorful. The tacos were pretty small, about the size of the palm of my hand. There was just enough meat and toppings to make me feel like I got my dollar's worth.

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 3

So about a week later, on a Tuesday this time, I went with the oldest '87 to check out Tacos Mexico when the tacos were 55 cents.

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 4

I tried a variety: carne asada, carnitas, lengua, and chicken.

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 5

There's a salsa bar so you can help yourself to green or red salsas.

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 6

And even for 55 cents, the portions were the same as the regular price.

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 7

They're 55 cent tacos! What more do you expect?

Tacos Mexico - (East) Los Angeles 8

Sadly, with the economy as it is, the taco Tuesdays are now 65 cents. Still not a bad deal at all.

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Tacos Mexico
355 S. Atlantic Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90022

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