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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Introducing Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 1

Baby M3, the newest addition to the family from cousin T in Oregon, came at 10:34 p.m., weighing in at 6 pounds, 15 ounces, and 20 inches long.

Isn't she adorable?

She's the youngest of five grandchildren in her generation.

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 2

Kinda crazy that my brother and my cousins all decided to have children around the same time. Perhaps they'll grow up like us and play together and weird people out with how uncommonly close we are with each other.

Earlier today, we were celebrating my other cousin's baby's first birthday. This is baby A, decked out in a pretty dress for her first princess party.

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 3

Before we had arrived, my oldest uncle and his wife, did that Vietnamese ceremony where the baby picks objects to predict what she'll be when she grows up. Baby A picked a calculator and a pen. Future accountant, perhaps? :P

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 8

How can you resist this smile?

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 9

Uncle Phong was up until 2 a.m. blowing 47 pink balloons by himself since the younger '88 and his other sister said they were busying cooking, so he had to take care of decorations. Umm, I have a foot pump! Just an FYI for next time!

Tons of family from both sides and tons of food. I even contemplated taking a photo of the piles of shoes at the front door. Hilarious!

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 4

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 5

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 6

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 7

My cousin's cousin came up to me at the party and told me her friend likes my blog.

"I didn't even know you had a blog!" she said.

But the minute he said food and writing, she knew exactly who he was talking about. Uh oh. First my dad's friend's daughter, now my cousin's cousin's friend, I guess if you know me or any of my family in real life, I'm not so hard to figure out. That or I just have too big of a family since it seems like we're growing every few months!

Baby M3 and Baby A's First Birthday 10

Recently, one of lil' sis's friends sent her a link to my blog on Facebook, saying I have the same cousin as her. And her friend chimes in and said that's lil' sis's sister's blog. :P

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  1. oh god, what a delicious selection of food on the tables!!! I'm so envious! Congrats to the cute little new family member, too! <3

  2. A "friend" was calling tigerfish here...the tigger on Baby M3 ;p

  3. Good grief the FooOOOooOoOOoOd.

  4. The kids are so cute! Plus I wish I was there to sample the food that were available. LOL

  5. I'd like to do a little matchmaking here. I have two gorgeous boys - parent's over-educated so intellect and finances are no problem - who are age appropriate matches for your two equally gorgeous nieces. What do you think :-).

  6. TS,
    I was all over the homemade enchiladas. Soo good.

    I guess I take it for granted because there's always a big spread at family gatherings. :)

    This is your year! ;)




    Sounds like a plan! Your grandsons are adorable! And I know the girls would have a lovely grandma in you. Oh dear, now I sound like my aunties playing matchmaker! :P


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